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Sea Creatures *Patterns*

***UPDATE*** You can now download the PDF booklet for these patterns

I was asked by my aunt Mary to work up a few sea creatures for a friend who is about to have a baby girl.

I am going to start off with a dolphin pattern--
Worked nose down.

Grey yarn - worst weight
H hook
Stitch Marker

Start off with a magic ring or your preferred starting in the round method.  Here is a video of me showing you how to start a magic ring (from my penguin pattern).   I am working in a continuous spiral which is why I am using a Stitch Marker so I can keep my count.If you like, you can slst and join rounds at the end of each round everything else should work exactly the same.  Make sure to stuff as you go, and add in your eyes (if your doing safety eyes).
Start of the Decrease

R1 Sc 3 (3)
R2 Sc all (3)
R3 Sc all (3)
R4 Work the next four stitches into the same stitch (its an increase)- HDC DC3, in the next stitch work DC3 HDC, Sc in last stitch. (9)
R5 *Sc 2, inc* repeat (12)
R6 *Sc 5, inc* repeat (14)
R7-8 Sc all (14)
R9 *Sc 6, inc* twice (16)
R10-12 Sc all (16)
R13-14 Sc 4, hdc 8, sc 4 (16)
R15-16 Sc all (16)
R17 Sc 6, dec twice, sc 6 (14)
R18-19 Sc all (14)
R20 Sc 4, dec, sc, dec, sc 4 (11)
R21-22 sc all (11)
R23 sc2, dec, sc 2, dec, sc 3
R24 sc all (9)
R25 *Dec, sc* repeat
R26-27 Sc all (6)
R28 Stuff it as much as you want now, this row will close off the body. - Sc 2 (or how ever many it takes to get to the side of the tail) Pinch the opening closed flat, SC threw first 2 stiches held together, then sc threw the next 2, and last 2 (3)

Start of tail.

R29 Chain 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, dc2 , hdc, slst (the slst should be in the middle of your 3 sc from the body), slst, ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, dc2, hdc, slst (the slst should be in the middle of your 3 sc over prevous slst) FO

Dorsal Fin Make 1

Chain 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc inc, dc, extended dc (yarn over, put a hook threw the stich pull up a loop, yo and work one loop, then yarn over and work 2, yo work 2), ext dc, fo leave long tail for sewing onto the top of the body

Sew the Dorsal fin onto the top of the body, making sure you are sewing along the last ext dc to the bod. I sewed mine in starting at row 13

Side Fin's Make 2

Chain 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, dc inc, ext dc inc, fo leave long tail to sew into body.

Like with the Dorsal fin, sew along the last ext dc into the body.   I sewed mine in on row 10/11 depending on on which side your sewing it to (the spiral will put one starting at 10 the other at 11 if you joined all your rows then start them in the same row).

If you used safety eyes you are finished!

If you didnt use safety eyes, either sew on buttons/beads, embroider on eyes, or felt on eyes.  I used some black ww yarn, and made french knots for eyes so it would be safe for the baby this toy is going to.

Octopus, and a Jelly fish.
They will be nearly the exact same thing,with the Jellyfish having one extra step for its ruffle.

I will be using my Octo pattern found here,  I will add the pattern with the Jellyfish adjustment here, the adjusted row will be all in bold so if you wanted to make a cute pair like I am you don't have to go flipping threw the site looking for it just skip the Jelly row, also with some minor adjustments so it has 8 legs instead of the 6 in the original pattern.

For the Octo I will be using-
Yellow ww yarn
Black yarn for eyes
H Hook
Stitch Marker (working in continuous rows)

For the Jellyfish I will be using-
Pink WW yarn
Black yarn for eyes
H Hook
Stitch Marker (working in continuous rows)

R1-Magic Ring 8 sc

R2- Increase (Inc) in each stitch (16)
R3- Inc, sc repeat all the way around (24)
R4- Inc, sc2 repeat (24)
R5-R10 SC all (32) (you will repeat this round till you have 8 rows)
R11- Dec, sc2 (24)
JELLYFISH ROW- This is worked in the front loops of row 11-skip if you want a normal Octo
Finished Leg, next to a Ch 14 so you can see the size difference.
R11JF- I slst my gray yarn, into the front loop of the previous row and chained up 3.  If you want the jellyfish ruffle to be the same color as the body just slst into the first front loop with working yarn then chain two.  Work 3dc into each FLO st all the way around ending with a slst into the top of your starting chain, FO (or if you working in one color slst three times into the post to get the working yarn back to the working stitch row.
 R12- Dec, sc (16) This will all be worked in the back loops of row 11 not the R11JF.  If using safety eyes you should add them now.
 R13-Legs row- Dec in the front loops only, chain 14, Dc 3 in the 3 chain from hook, dc2 into each chain back up (Your leg length will be about 1/2 to 2/3 of the size of your chain, so if you want smaller/longer leg's just chain less/more stitches, with ch 14 my leg's will be short) Repeat 7 more times leaving you  with 8 legs and 8 sc. sl st into the first dec.  (8)
 R14- Dec all in back loops of R 13(8)
FO leave a long tail.  Weave tail threw 8 stitches, stuff firmly, and cinch the bottom close and secure weaving tail threw the body.

If you didn't use safety eyes, now is the time to sew/felt on your eyes.

I crocheted mine-

Eyes make 2-
 MR Sc 6 FO, leave long tail for sewing and embellishing the eyes.

Clown Fish

I will be using the following-
Orange ww yarn
White ww yarn
H hook
Stitch Marker

This pattern is worked with the rounds joined, not continuous as the previous patterns.  So you need to know how to do a color change (work the last yo in new color then pull threw before doing the slip stitch to join the round), end each row with a slst and chain.  I do not cut the yarn between color changes, I carry it up along the inside, you can cut color changes if your not completable working with 2 strands at a time.

With Orange
R1- MR sc 6
R2- Inc all (12)
R3- Inc, sc (18)
R4-5- Sc all (18)

R6- Inc (do 3 stitchs into one), sc 8, Inc ( 3 in 1), sc 8 (22)
R7-8- Sc all (22) Switch to white on the last pull threw of last stitch before you join round with slst
R9- Sc, Inc (3 in 1), sc 10, Inc (3 in 1), sc 9 (26)
R10- sc all (26)
R11- sc all (26) Switch to Orange at end
R12-15- sc all (26) Switch to white at the end of round 15
R16- Sc 2, dec  (3 into 1), sc 10, dec  (3 into 1), sc 8 (22)
R17-18- sc all (22) Switch to Orange at end of R18
R19- Dec (normal Dec this round where you only work 2 into 1), sc 4, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 2 (18)
R20-Sc all (18)
R21- Dec (2 in 1 normal again), sc 4 -repeat 3 times(15)
R22- Sc all (15) Switch to white
R23- Dec (2 in 1), sc 3(13)
R24- Sc All till 2nd from last stitch then dec (12)
R25- sc all (12) Switch to orange and secure white yarn and cut it off
R26- sc all (12)
You should make sure your eyes are in if your using safety eyes, and finish stuffing.
R27- Slst loosely into the first and second stitchs. Now like in the dolphin pattern we are going to pinch the opening shut, and sc across it (which is why we did the slst to get to the starting point for the closur make sure you are making it from top to bottom and not side to side as with the dolphin). Ch 1, sc across threw both layers (6)
R28-Ch 3 (counts as first dc), Dc 3 times in the first stitch, 2 Dc in next st, Dc next 2 st, Dc 2 in the next stitch, Dc 4 in the last stitch. (12)
R29- Sc all FO (12)

Side fin's 2-in orange
Ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc & dc in next ch, ext dc in all remaining ch st (7)
Ch and turn, sc across, sc twice in last stitch, and work along the bottom (ie no chain and turn) sl st across (should be 5 st) FO leaving long tail for sewing to body

Top Fin

Ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc remainder ch st's.  Work 2 sc into the post of the last hdc and FO with a long tail.

I made the same eyes from the previous pattern, all that is left is to sew everything in!

Simple Star Fish Pattern

This pattern will be so simple.

Legs -Make 5

R1- MR 6
R2- Sc all
R3- Sc all
R4- Inc, sc2 repeat (8)
R5- Sc all
R6- sc all
R7- sc all
R8- sc all

Leave a tail for sewing legs together.

Once you have all 5 legs, stuff them, then holding two legs together sew two stitch across both legs, skip two stitches on one leg, pick up new leg and tail and sew together two stitches of both legs.  You should have two stitches on either side of the connected legs that are unworked, continue this till you have all 5 connected and form a ring with the first and last legs sewing the same middle set of 2 stitches together.  Now all you need to do is whip stitch along the top stitches that where unworked, and cinch them shut and repeat on the bottom with one of the tails.  Weave in all ends, tucking all tails and you are done.

Seahorse Pattern
Seahorse on a stick!! (stick not included)

1- mr 4 slst ch1
2-sc all
3- inc*3 all  slst ch 1 (12)
4 sc all
5 sc all
6 sc 2, hdc 8, sc 2
7 sc 2, hdc dec 4, sc 2 (8)
8 sc, hdc 6, sc
9 sc, hdc 6, sc
10 sc all
11 sc all
12 inc 2, sc 4, inc 2 (12) (switch to continuous rounds)
 slst 4 -This is the  new star of the round of each round make sure to put your Stitch Marker here.  All remaining rows worked in BLO-
13 sc all (12)
14 sc 6, inc 6 (18)
15 sc all
16 sc all
17 sc, dec 2, sc rest  (16)
18 dec 2, sc 5, inv 2, sc 5
19 sc all
20 dec 2, sc rest (14)
21 dec, sc5, dec, sc 5 (12)
22 dec, sc 4, dec, sc 4 (10)
23 sc 2, dec, sc2, dec, sc2 (8)
24 dec, sc 2 rpt (6)
25 sc all
26 hdc 3 slst 3
27 sc all
28 sc 2, dec 2 (4)
29 sc all
30 sc all
31 dec, sc (3)
32 sc all
33 sc all
34 sc all
35 sc all

Leave LONG tail, fnish off and close up tail.  Roll the tail in a spiral like in the picutes and sew it as you roll to secure it.

Dorsal Fin

Chain 6, in the 2nd chain from hook sc across.
Chain 2 turn and hdc back arosss and slst down theend side.

Leave long tail to sew into the back of the body with.

I made french knots out of some black yarn for eyes but feel free to use safty eyes or buttons or beads.

Great White Shark
Last but not the lease, my shark!

1 mr 4
2 sc all
3  inc sc
4 inc all
5 sc all
6 sc all

7 switch to white- inc, sc2 inc, switch to gray, sc 2, inc, sc 2 repeat
8-White-inc, sc 4, inc, GRAY-inc, sc 3, in 2, sc 3, in
9- sc all White in white, gray in gray
10-18- sc all White in white, gray in gray
19-grey dec, white sc 4, grey dec, sc6, dec*3, sc 6
20- sc all grey
21- dec, sc 4
22- sc all
23-dec, sc3
24- sc all
25-dec, sc 2
26- sc all     


Pinch opening closed and sc it shut in the same manner as the Dolphin tail.  Ch 5, slst in 2 ch from hook, sc, hdc, dc 5, ch 4, slst in 2nd ch from hook, sc all slst in last st


Ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc & dc in next ch, ext dc in all remaining ch st (7)
Ch and turn, sc across, sc twice in last stitch, and work along the bottom (ie no chain and turn) sl st across (should be 5 st) FO leaving long tail for sewing to body.

I did french knots again for the eyes.

I think if I make an other shark, I will need to adjust the belly patch so it doesn't have that slant to it.

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