Saturday, March 1, 2014

Want to share a bueatiful pattern....

I have been introduced to the Richmond Lace Infinity Scarf Pattern via the Reddit r/crochet group.  Everyone (at least it seems like everyone) has been sharing their progress and finished scarfs images and it has made me itch to try making one.

The pattern can be found on almost any pattern sharing site, I bought mine from, but you can get it form Craftsy or Ravelry it is only $1.99 which is a great price.  Its simple enough pattern with the chevron stitch, with a nice break of lace like rows staggered in, there are written instructions as well as a pattern diagram which makes it easy for those who like one better over the other.  I think the Chroma MidWinter fingerling weight realy makes the pattern.

You can find the chroma here on my Wish List that I created on unless the colorway is out of stock, which happens with the more popular colors.  It gives this patter great drape-ability and I love the fantastic long color changes that fade beautifully in this yarn.  It defiantly will need to be blocked once I am finished, I will try to take loads of pictures of the process so you can see just how beautiful this comes out.

Forgive the poor quality image, my camera isnt wanting to photograph in low light/back light conditions.  It has been a muggy cloudy winter here and there seems to be no end to it so I have to deal with indoor photo shoots.   It does not do this yarn justice Hopefully when I finish and block it I will catch a break and have a few rays of sun shine down that I can get a good picture.

You can see I am using my ergo handle, this one is the Boyed one, you just twist the top (green section which is a softish silicon) off and slide  any of your hooks that you already own (sizes c to k hook I believe) inside twits the top back on and hook away.  I find this does help me much better then the Kahoots I was using, epically on smaller hooks.  The area I find myself holding onto tightest is the green silicon which has a slight give so I don't wind up holding the hook as tightly as I progress in my work which is my bad habit.  I have small hands that it fits well in my hand so if you have large hands it might or might not be a bitter adjustment.


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