Monday, June 20, 2016

Today only!!

Wish me HappyBirthday and save $1 off my BoHo Lily Spiral Vest purchase on Ravelry!
After clicking 'buy now' click the 'use coupon code' in the lower left and just enter the code 'HappyBirthday' and save!

Then come back here after you make yours and show me I would love to see it!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Finished (mostly) in time for

so I finished the smaller version of my BoHo Lily Spiral Vest in time for my birthday!!

 I used all 3 of the tips in the pattern to reduce the size, smaller hook, smaller yarn, alternate edge row.  This shot is of it un blocked which is why there is a little sagging in the middle.  I litteraly just got it off my hook and had to get a photo of it so if you spot the tail ignore it!!

I am hoping I can get it blocked tonight so I can start wearing it all the time.  It took up about 1250 yards of yarn so only slightly less then the pattern calls for.   Compared to the original pattern when drapes down to my heels, this one stop just below my booty so while it is about 1/2 the size it is still about the same amount of material and work, because as we all know the smaller the hook the more difficult the work. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Deals

So in honor of me getting older then dirt on my birthday Monday June 20th 2016 I will have a promotion going in my Ravalry shop.

If you use the promo code  HappyBirthday (no space) you can save $1 off the price of my BoHo Lily Spiral Vest.

This promo is only good for the 24 hours of June 20th starting at midnight of June 19th and ending at midnight on June 20th.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Deep thoughts...

so as some of you might have noticed, I have not been as active latly.

I have had a few things pop up in my life that have made it hard to feel creative.  I am struggling with depression, but I am getting professional help for it.  Part of my depression has made me feel less creative, and I have not actully picked up a crochet hook and made anything in almost a month now.

Crocheting is the one thing I use to do to get my mind off things and destress.  It has been difficult, I have picked up a hook and yarn several times but only made a mess that I wound up frogging in frustration.  

Last night I was finally able to start something.  I am using a mystery yarn that is super silky and smoky gray to make a smaller version of my BoHo Lily Spiral Vest I am using a H hook this time instead of a J, and I plan on doing the alternated edging meantioned on the last page to get  16 points instead of 8.

I am hoping this one will come out 'shorter' because I am only 5'3 and the first one I made with Shawl in a Ball is just a tad to long and brushes the ground.

 I am also hoping this will reignite my spark for crochet and I will start to feel creative again.

If you are struggling with depression, feeling over whelmed and hopeless, seek out help.  Crisis Text Line  things will not magically get better, but if you work at it you can find your balance again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A yarn tail...

So a while back I had this idea to make some cheap almost free storage for my yarn.  I got a bunch of free 1ft cube boxes and make a 3 tall by 2 wide shelving out of them holding them together with some binder clips and a bit of tape.

It held up really well, and I guess I went over board with it because I added to it, taking it to 5 tall, 3 wide.

I came down into the basement the other evening to find it like that (see top photo).   Face down yarn everywhere.

I pulled the boxes back up right, hardly any of the yarn stayed in the boxes.  Just the box with my greens, and oddly the bulky purple and 2 skeins of blue.

I have taken the top two rows off hoping that will be enough so it will not fall over again.  I just need to find a new way to store my yarn and soonish.  Its that or decide if I need to start destashing -- which would be alot of stress because I can look at each  skein I own and give 3 projects I want to do with most of them.

I might be able to part easily with some of the short variegated skeins because its harder for me to get enthused about a yarn with colors that will pool and hide the design.  Maybe I could part with a box of chunky yarn as I dont use it unless commissioned or I have an idea that can only be done with chunky which is rare.

I realize as I am avoiding picking it all up I have a crap tone of blue and green shades of yarn.  Blue/Green is not my favorit color, gray is (right now) and I barely have 3 used skeins in gray.

So what is your favorite color, and go look at your yarn stash and see if it reflex it.