Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Time [SF Recpie]

So its turkey time again where I live.  I am expecting a lot of sweets that my wonderful husband wont be able to eat so I decided to whip him up a pie.

Frozen Banana Whipped Pie (can also be a cream pie in the fridge)
Light and Fluffy Frozen Banana Pie

2 (4 1/2 cup) box of Banana Sugar Free Pudding (I used Jell-O brand, you can also sub for a flavor you like better)
3 cups Milk
1 precooked crust (I used a store brand Gramcracker crust as it has the least carbs and sugar.)
1/2 tub Sugar Free Whipped Topping (I used Fit and Active brand because we didnt see the 'Cool Whip SF') (refrigerated it so its easier to stir in)

In large bowl, add milk.  Slowly sift and stir in pudding mix one box at a time so you don't gets lumps.  It should be starting to set up, so whip in the 'cool whip'.  Whipping till no white streaks are left, then fill pie shell and freeze!

Option #1 for a 'cream pie' just pop it in the fridge.   
Option #2 for a more 'ice cream' pie omit milk and use 2 full tub's of SF Whipped Topping
Option #3 if you have silicon cup cake tray you can make and freeze mini pie's just add mix first then layer the top with Gram crackers or any other low carb/sugar treat.  Let freeze 4 hours then turn them out to serve.

Something neat I learned the plastic cover that helps the pie shell keep its form also doubles as a lid when flipped over.  Its so stupid I never noticed that before and always tossed it and had to cover pies with plastic wrap.

After all is said and done 1/8th of the pie is about 15-20 carbs.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Belated Batman Superman Logo Blanket [Pattern]

Batman/Superman Blanket Graph Patter

I have been meaning to put this up when I finished making the blanket for my very patient husband. Its been moved to my WIP back-burner unfortunately, as I burned myself out on it. I only have to finish the epic wing span. 

Its over 12 feet both ways at this point.  I made sure to adjust the graph so it will only produce a 6-8ft blanket depending on the hook/yarn used.  I was using a Tunisian J-hook with Read Heart Super Saver in Cherry and Black.  I used far more yarn then you will,  6 1/2 skeins of the Red, and  10 skeins of Black, but again my blanket came out twice the size of this graph so you should (SHOULD I am just estimating) only need 4 red and 6-8 black.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A month and a Day Early

I think it is safe to say she likes her vest!  She put in on when she got here and only took it off when we got indoor's and it got to warm.  She managed to get it from me a whole month and a day before her birthday.