Sunday, December 27, 2015

Yarn Storage!

So I started on my yarn storage tonight.

I had a left over pack of 1ft by 1ft by 1ft boxes from the USPS (free), and a random bunch of binder clips (also free) to make this.  I found the binder clips almost 80% of the random bag where to small to be funtional for the purpose I needed here.  The best results are when I used 2 medium binder clips to connect the edges of boxes, or 1 med and 2 small, or 4 of the smaller ones but they where not reliable some of them would pop off if I didn't use a larger clip to hold the edge flat till I get them all on.

I was only able to connect 6 boxes before I ran out of clips that would hold with out popping off under the strain of the box flap.

I need to get more medium clips, and some packing tape to add more to it.  As it is the boxes are flexing in towards the join when empty.  To fix that I just need to run a strip of tape from the top to the bottom box  and maybe one or two strips across the back.  Or find some heavier yarn to fill it with.  As it stands right now its only 3 feet tall by 2 wide give or take a few cm's.

Here are some shots of me setting it all up.  A cheap and effective way to make some storage if you need it, its quite sturdy.

BTW this is only about 1/4 to a 1/3 of my yarn its some of the leftover scraps on the right bottom 2, and mostly acrylics.  I have not had the time to gather up my nicer stuff to place in it and I think I will hold off till I have build and taped a few more boxes onto it.  Maybe I can talk my hubby into moving over the TV and tv stand so I can also widen it.  Other wise I will have to find an other space to place some more 'shelving'.

On the sides that are not connected I just left them with a single medium clip in the middle to save on clips but the flaps still stick out a bit.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas/Anniverary Yarn Haul (photo heavyish)

My Christmas was very good.   I got far more yarn then I could have expected.  My husband even got me a copper spinning wheel (pencil sharpener).  It actually works like a spinning wheel would its just missing a bobbin, a hook on the flyer, and a orifice.  Other then that the treadle pumps the footman which spins the wheel, in turn spinning the flyer and the attached distaff can be swung to either side.

My Husband lost took me to a local shop while we where in Branson MO for our 10th anniversary to get yarn.  This haul had some wool blends, silk, and alpaca.  Plus a ball of Impulse that comes with a pom stating its enough to make a hat; I was iffy at first because I had dealt with a brand up where I live that makes the same claim but you could only make a premi sized hat and not a child/teen as advertised on the label.  The owner of Ceclla's actually had a knit hat made from 1 skein on display and I was surprised that it was a decent sized hat that could have fit a small/med adult.

 This was my yarn haul from my MIL.  I love chroma, and when it went on sale over at KnitPicks I made sure to spam facebook and let everyone know they could buy me a christmas gift I loved all the colorways so I would be happy with anything I got would just need 2 skeins to be able to make something with it all.
 This batch is a mixtur of gifts from my Hubby (yarn tote, book, SB 4 hook tool), mom (more chroma!!!) and from my sister/BiL/niece (some MK, RHU, a super chunky, ect).

This last batch is a mix from both my mom and my sis/bil/niece.  They both got a hold of someones boxes of left over yarn and some unfinished projects.  Which will be perfect for amigurumi or other small motif projects.

Now I need some shelfing to hold it all.

On to my next project...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

RESOBOX Even has gone live!

so if you are in NY City any time between Dec-Feb (end of feb) stop in ResoBox and see all the awsome amigurumi.

As with last year I am not able to go myself so I have been stalking the photos of everyone else.  One of the other artists Jay Tea made a panorama of the event so people like me who cant make it can still 'experience it'.

Thanks Jay Tea for letting me share it here.  If you want to experance the Resobox Event and cant not visit in person click here!!

I was able to spot my cardinal on the amigurumi map (large box for the US), my large sheep (they hung it by its ear ((owwie))) and my fluffy owl (in the window).

Let me know if anyone can spot more of my work (sent it 51 items =D).

Friday, December 11, 2015

Very Cross Hat (Crossed Cabled Hat Pattern)

Crossed Cabled Hat

One of the Christmas gifts I am working on is a gender neutral hat that would work well for anyone. So I fell back on doing a textured hat playing with crochet cables, using front post double crochet.

This pattern makes an adult sized largish hat, if you want to size it down make sure when you work your brim rows (in multiples of 4) just work the brim to the size you want it smaller.  Its important you keep to multiples of 4 for the cable pattern to work.  Also its pretty stretchy so it might look small as your working it but it will stretch. 

All stitches after your base SC rows will be worked in the front post, including the cross cable stitches; I just didn't have a cross stitch symbol for front post.

 Once you get to the cable rows PAY ATTENTION to which way you are crossing, if you fallowing the diagram only.
 Also the chain 2 at the start of each hat row does not count as a stitch it is just there it get the height you need to make your double crochets.


Brim is worked intirly in the back loops only (BLO) even on the starting chain this is what will give the brim stretch.  Start with a LONG tail so you can use it to sew the brim edges together.
R 1-Chain 7, In the back loops of the 2nd chain from hook sc, sc remaing 5. (6 st)
R2-52- BLO Sc all (6st)

DO NOT cut the tail, you will continue the body work.  Use the starting tail and sew the last row to the first threw the BLO of the last row and the FLO from the first row.


 R1- Chain 1, work 52 sc into the side edge of the brim, and slst to join in the round (you will end all rows with a slst)
R2- Ch2, FPDC all 
R3- Ch 2, PFDC, [Skip the next st, FPDC, FPDC around skipped stitch (working in front of previous stitch), FPDC 2] Repeat directions in the [] all the way around ending with a single FPDC
R4-Repeat row 2
R5-Repeat row 3
R6- Repeat row 2
R7- Ch 2,Skip the first stitch, FPDC, FPDC into the skipped stitch (working behind previous st), [Skip next stitch, FPDC, FPDC into skipped stitch (working in front of previous st), skip next stitch, FPDC, FPDC into skipped stitch (working behind previous st)] Repeat directions in [] all the way around.
R8- Ch2, skip the first stitch (stick a SM in it as you will work the last stitch around it), FPDC 2, [Skip the next st, FPDC, FPDC around skipped stitch (working in front of previous stitch), FPDC 2] Repeat directions in the [] all the way around ending with, skip a stitch, work your last cross 2nd to last FPDC worked into that skipped stitch at the begining, then FPDC in the skipped stitch (working in front of previous stitch).
R9- Your first stitch is now what was your last stitch.  Repeat row 3 starting with working your first FPDC around the last rows last stitch.
R10- Repeat row 2
R11- Repeat row 3
R12- Repeat row 2
R13- Repeat row 3

If you want a slouchy hat do a few more repeats of row 2 and 3, other wise move on to the decrease rows.

R14- [FPDC 2, FPDC Dec] repeat around
R15- [FPDC, FPDC Dec] repeat around

Finish off, leaving a LONG tail, weave it along the top edge of your hat and pull to gather the top and close it off securing it closed by sewing a few criss crossing stitches before hiding your tail.  I turned mine wrong side out when I did the gather  so when it pinches up it can be hidden on the inside.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sneak peek at christmas (photo heavy)




Ok so this in my haul.  I started working on gifts way back in June, and this is not all of it just the top layer I could pull out of the christmas gift pile with out causing an avalanche of giftmous.

If your family or friend feel free to message me and stick a claim to an item you like that isnt already tagged as claimed.

From top to bottom, all items where my own pattern with the exclusion of the first cowl it was a pattern I altered from a German crochet pamphlet.  The top is my Very Cross (Cabled) Hat my idea of a gender neutral hat for guys or girls,  next is the cowl from the German pattern, simple large hook linen stitch cowl, the next scarf is a staggered shells with a raw edge to give it that scalloped look, last cowl is a trb done in a chunky yarn (looks like diamond ore from minecraft), then I have a photo showing 3 of the pairs of Lacy Mitts (I know I made more then 3 but they must be at the bottom of giftmous), fallowed by a requested gift from my niece Jordan, she wanted a mermaid- she will also be getting a mermaid tail blanket to go with it (not pictured here again bottom of giftmous).  Fallowed up with some close ups of the Lacy Mitts.

I will be posting the Very Cross (Cabled) hat pattern soon, it works up fast so hopefully it will still be in time for holidays if anyone wanted to make one.  It is worked brim up in the round (brim worked flat).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gift tags?

So Rebecca over at LittleMonkeysCrochet made up a few very true and yet still funny gift tags if you are doing hand mad gifts this year you can print them out (for free) and tag your gifts.

I think they are a cute and fun way of letting people know you worked your butt off on a gift with out giving them a guilt trip mentioning X amount of hours + blood sweat and tears.

Be warned her page is very AD heavy.  I am not affliated with her or her AD's, just think this was a cool idea that work from crocheters and knitters.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Stocking [Pattern]

I haven't been crocheting much due to wrist issues so I havent blogged any of the ideas I have been wanting to hook up or Christmas stuff I worked on (over the summer/fall). BUT I wanted to share this pattern I wrote for quick and easy Christmas Stockings that I make while its still enough time to whip up a few.

The pattern uses a stitch not everyone is familiar with, but is quite easy once you figure it out.  Waistcoat stitch, is a OLD stitch that is gaining new popularity for its 'knit' like look.  The trick to this is the stitch is just like making a single crochet, but your working it INTO the post of the previous row not into the top of the stitch.  If you look at the front of a SC the post makes a V shape in the front and a upside down Y shape in the back, you should be sliding your hook into the V and coming out the Y.  If your a tight hooker, then you might what to do what I am which is pulling up on the first of each loop pull threw a bit so it is taller then the row you work over so on the next row you will not have an issue working into the stitches.

I show here how I work the waistcoat stitch. The GIF is on a loop so just sit back and watch it a few times if you need to.
I recommend when you start your stocking, you use a hook one to two times smaller to make your starting chain, as this patter will work around the chain. This is what gives the 'toe' of the sock that boxed look which I like (if you want a rounded tow just do a MR/Circle start with half the amount of starting stitchs and work an extra row where you inc in ever stitch).
You only need about 1/3 to 1/2 a skein in 2 colors for a stripped stocking. The stockings come out roughly the same size as the store bought felt stockings.

Christmas Stripped Stocking

With a K (6.5mm) hook and 2 colors of WW yarn (or 1 if you want a solid color).
C1= color you will start with, it will be the color your toe and heel will be work in.
C2= second contrasting color that will form all your strips.

R1-With C1, Chain 13. Working into the FLO (closed loop to you) starting in the 2nd chain from the hook SC 11 stitches across the chain. In the last stitch work 3 SC (this should turn the chain so you are now working the other side), SC 11, work 2 SC into the last chain (it should be where your first stitch was made). (26st)
SLST to join the round, but do NOT chain. The WCSC does not require a turning chain, and the turning chain can add noticeable bulk to the seem if you choose to work it.
Front here on out work the rest of the rows in the WCSC stitch unless other wise stated.
R2-WCSC all (26st)
R3/4- In C2, WCSC all (26st) -- work the color change in the last stitch of the row like normal for sc so your slst is done in the new color, and just carrie your yarn up along the join as the rows are so short its not worth cutting and joining.
R5/6- C1, WCSC all (26st)
R7/8- C2, WCSC all (26st)
R9/10- C1, WCSC all (26st)
R11/12- C2, WCSC all (26st)
R14/15-C1, WCSC all (26st)
R16/17- C2, WCSC all (26st)
R18-19-C1, WCSC all (26st)
R20- WCSC all (26st)
R21-Now we will start the heel row. Mark off the 9 stitches on the natural fold edge that will be 4 on both sides and one on the fold (you will notice this when you work with the starting chain, if you choose to do a magic ring start pick 9 stitches to mark for the heel I like it to be by the join so I have a clear front and back and can put the seam on the back). You will not work these stitches they will be skipped over, you have the option to chain 9 when you skip them or if your ambitious you can foundation sc 9. SO work WCSC in every stitch skipping over the marked 9 and either chaining or FDSC 9 when you skip.
We will come back and add the heel in with C1 once we finish the body of the stocking (just like making a sock!)
This should leave you with 10 stripes now.
R22/23- C1, WCSC all (26st) -work sc into each chain DO NOT work around the chain as you will be used the unworked portion for the heel
R24/41 -Repeat this pattern of 2 rows in each color till you have 10 strip's worked above the heal ending with C2.
R42-Cut C2 leaving a long tail to work over, with C1 chain 2, and work a DC into each stitch around (work into the post V just like for the WCSC)
R43- We will switch to working around the post for this row, alternate working FPDC, BPDC all the way around.

Optional, loop to hang stocking on a hook, with a size I hook chain 3, in 2nd chain from hook sc across making 2st' work till you get a length you like (I did 8 and felt it was a bit small on the first stocking and plan to do 12 on this second).

Now with C1 go back to the heal to work it. Join in the middle of the R20 Skipped 9 stitches, work a WCSC in the first 4, you should have 1 stitch on that row left, decrease across it and onto the bottom side of your chain/or/fdsc. Work 7 sc across to the next side and work a decrease across the last stitch in the chain//fdsc and the next stitch in the skipped stitches, work reaming 3 wcsc. Repeating this around, dec at the sides until there is just 4 stitches left, cut a long tail and sew those stitches closed, or optionally flip the stocking inside out and slst them closed.

So Happy Holidays to all and I would love to see action shots of anyone's stockings if you used the pattern!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Time [SF Recpie]

So its turkey time again where I live.  I am expecting a lot of sweets that my wonderful husband wont be able to eat so I decided to whip him up a pie.

Frozen Banana Whipped Pie (can also be a cream pie in the fridge)
Light and Fluffy Frozen Banana Pie

2 (4 1/2 cup) box of Banana Sugar Free Pudding (I used Jell-O brand, you can also sub for a flavor you like better)
3 cups Milk
1 precooked crust (I used a store brand Gramcracker crust as it has the least carbs and sugar.)
1/2 tub Sugar Free Whipped Topping (I used Fit and Active brand because we didnt see the 'Cool Whip SF') (refrigerated it so its easier to stir in)

In large bowl, add milk.  Slowly sift and stir in pudding mix one box at a time so you don't gets lumps.  It should be starting to set up, so whip in the 'cool whip'.  Whipping till no white streaks are left, then fill pie shell and freeze!

Option #1 for a 'cream pie' just pop it in the fridge.   
Option #2 for a more 'ice cream' pie omit milk and use 2 full tub's of SF Whipped Topping
Option #3 if you have silicon cup cake tray you can make and freeze mini pie's just add mix first then layer the top with Gram crackers or any other low carb/sugar treat.  Let freeze 4 hours then turn them out to serve.

Something neat I learned the plastic cover that helps the pie shell keep its form also doubles as a lid when flipped over.  Its so stupid I never noticed that before and always tossed it and had to cover pies with plastic wrap.

After all is said and done 1/8th of the pie is about 15-20 carbs.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Belated Batman Superman Logo Blanket [Pattern]

Batman/Superman Blanket Graph Patter

I have been meaning to put this up when I finished making the blanket for my very patient husband. Its been moved to my WIP back-burner unfortunately, as I burned myself out on it. I only have to finish the epic wing span. 

Its over 12 feet both ways at this point.  I made sure to adjust the graph so it will only produce a 6-8ft blanket depending on the hook/yarn used.  I was using a Tunisian J-hook with Read Heart Super Saver in Cherry and Black.  I used far more yarn then you will,  6 1/2 skeins of the Red, and  10 skeins of Black, but again my blanket came out twice the size of this graph so you should (SHOULD I am just estimating) only need 4 red and 6-8 black.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A month and a Day Early

I think it is safe to say she likes her vest!  She put in on when she got here and only took it off when we got indoor's and it got to warm.  She managed to get it from me a whole month and a day before her birthday.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Birthday Gift for Mom FINISHED

So I have been working on this project off and on for the past month.   Its a pattern my mom posted on facebook asking me to make.  I gave my standard answer for projects that are blanket sized -- buy the yarn and I will make it.        
She bought the yarn (well 1/2 of it) and I got started.  Let me tell you first and formost, the finished item --looks great, the pattern... well that is using the term pattern VERY loosely leaves a lot to be 'free form'.  I dont know about you but if I am paying $6.50 for a pattern, it should be 1) Readable 2)Not contradict itself (point in case she has hand drawn charts showing one thing but the writen directions saying something else) 3)SHOULD NOT tell you to free form any part -- its a pattern --..... I am going to stop my rant here about this and get on with the post!

This photo was taken before I blocked the piece.  That is streached across my queen sized bed, just slightly hanging off the edges.  I realize that the space was not large enough to block the whole vest in one go so I broke it down and pinned out the center and steamed 1/3 of it at a time.

This is the tip of the edge and I think it took to the steaming well,  I was happy it did a nice point.  Since the yarn was acrylic I was not sure if the edge points would steam and stay pointy.

Here it is after I finished steaming and pulling out the pins.  Sorry for the blurry photos the camera on my phone did not want to focus on all the colors, hopefully I can get a good action shot of it on my mom at some point with a better camera.

So this pattern made me so frustrated, I am going to write my own 'boho style' circle vest.  At some point. 

If you want the pattern you can find it here Bohemian Vest.  Be forewarned even though its just a load of treble crochets and chains, the writer over complicates things, leaves things out, contradicts her pattern/chart, and tells you to free form parts.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Final 51 (photo heavy)

Here are the photos of the final 51 pieces of amigurumi that will be shipping off to RESOBOX as soon as they send me my consignment number.

Not all the ami's where photographed as I had a few repeats.  We opted to just photograph on 'set' of each type since they where exactly the same.

 I made a lot of the sweets, strawberry's, cookies, donuts, cupcakes this year.  I also did quiet a few of my mini octos which killed my hand so I hope if they find new homes there new parents love them.

You can see some new patterns I worked on mixed in here (mostly the sweets), and only one item that was from a pattern I did not write, the African Flower Hippo.

I have to give a big shout out to my photographer -Photos by Linda.  They look so much better then me shooting them on my phone!