Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Demons, Angels, and Hunters [SNCW FO]

So I am a scatter brain.  I completely forgot to take photos of my finished Supernatural Craft Swap.  I just got the box grabbed the guys and shoved them in sealing the box shut.    
I know my swap partner has received them 0,- even after a bit of hassle with the post office.  She was amazingly kind enough to take photos for me so I could share them all with you.

I loved working on these guys, and am so sad I was not able to finish the 4th (Sam).  Plotting how I would work them up was the hardest part, namely Crowley.   He is almost always wearing black on black or grey on grey and I didn't want him to feel monotone.
SO many jackets! I think I am in love with how well Cas's turned out, Dean and Crowley are basically wearing the same jacket just different colors.  I had fun making sure Crowley was show appropriately shorter then everyone else by a smidgen.   I did send a pattern for Sam, if she does want to make him, and he should turn out to be taller then all the others by 1/4 inch give or take where the legs are sewn in.      

Now I am off to work on that chart I posted a while ago as promised I want to get some corrections put in and work on adding a row.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Charting a pattern with out the yarn...

So I do not have 2000 yards of yarn right now to throw at this project, which makes it a bit difficult to write the pattern I have had the idea for ever since making the Boho Vest for my Mom's birthday that was a pain in the butt.

I am charting out a pattern I am only a few rows in but more then 20 hours of work into this chart to make it work.
So here is a peek at the start of my circle vest/jacked to be named later.

There are things I may tweak once I get a hook into it.  Like how the rounds are joined, places I have a 'chain, sc into top of stitch, start row' and I might change that up.  Some places I end with a DC or TRBL to finish off a chain space on the row and that might need to be adjusted as well.      
My V and chain row may also need some work, on paper it looks like it should work, but it might come out way to small and curl in or way to loose and be wavy.  Heck I might have to add a stitch into my large cluster row, which will throw off all the fallowing rows.

If anyone wants to test what I have and give me feed back I would love that!
I will try to work a row or more a week as I have the time, but I don't want to get to far with out feed back or testing it myself encase I need to make corrections which would require all fallowing rows to be adjusted as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chevron Lace Mitt's Pattern

Chevron Lace Mitt Pattern 
 Sizes Toddler and Adult  PDF Patterns. Included in the pattern are written and charted directions.  Sizes are easy to size up/down by adding/subtracting rows as these mitts are worked side to side.  It only takes up 110 yards of yarn to make a pair of mitts so you can make this project with 1 skein.

As always if you love this pattern, help support me by giving a small donation of $1 or more so I can continue writing and sharing patterns.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Mitts? Yes please...

So I have been making a ton of my 'lacy fingerless mitts' lately.  I wanted to try something a little different.

I decided to make a pair of  LFM in a chevron style and this is my first attempt result for a toddler size.

I do love how the chevron looks in this yarn but I will have to wait till I can find a tiny arm willing to show them off for me to see if the lace section works the way I want it to.  If they look the way I want I might even work up a pattern for an adult sized pair.

I do have a pattern written and que'd up in word I just need to polish it up and get some better photos.

I might go a bit mitt crazy because I have a few ideas that I think would look super cute in this style, thinking a pair of broomstick lacy mitts next.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Merman has arived!

Here is Cobain sporting his tail blanket, trident, and crown.  He is getting more photos taken later and I cant wait to see them all.

He looks so adorable Holly thanks for letting me share him here.