Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Spiral (AKA Divine hat by Rhe modified)

I made myself a winter spiral hat, its loosely based of the Divine Hat by Rhe's.

Image is a Gif on a 15 sec loop

I used her Front Post Double Crochet cluster meathod to get the spiral pattern, but I started with a MR with 10 DC and only worked the increase up to 3 stitchs as going up to 4 made the hat way to big for me, even at 3 its a bit big.  I added a winged brim held up with some black buttons I had on hand.  Sorry for the bad photo's as I mentioned in a previous post I am having some camera issues, photos will not take with out the flash on now no matter how well lit the area if the flash is off its just blurry.

I plan on trying to recreated this in the white merino wool I got as a gift for Christmas, but I want to find buttons that are stunning to compliment it.   I didn't bother getting stunning buttons for this black version because it is in black most of the detail will go unnoticed  I might eventually re-button it but for now the plastic ones will hold.

I used the Black Red Heart Super Saver that reddit user r/ShesSoStripes traded me for in a r/YarnSwap.  I just need to throw it threw the wash to get all the pet hair from my Kitty's and doggies off of it they where very interested in the box of yarn that exploded to make this.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dragon Egg Bag Pattern

I promised someone I would write up the pattern for the Dragon Egg dice bag I made a while back.

Now I am writing it out as I re-work a new bag.  I tried to do video of the whole process but for some reason the video keeps  tic'ing off after  less then a second of filming. After much fiddling with the camera for almost 3 hours I am giving up on a video tutorial to go with a pattern.  I will try to take detailed photos as I go, so bare with me.

In order to make this you need to know how to SC, DC, BLO, DC around a post, and how to work in the round.

SC -Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
POST DC - Work a Double Crochet around the Post of a previous double crochet
MR- Magic Ring (or your preferred method of starting in the round.)
BLO- Back Loop Only (this isn't required but it makes the base more stable and pretty) This is just going threw the back loop of the stitch, the loop farthest away from you instead of working under both loops.  This will create a ridge as you work between the dc and sc rounds.
FR -Finishing round
R6F- Row 6 Frame
R6S-Row 6 Scale

I make a flat base for the bag to sit on first, then I start the 'frame' and 'Scale' rows.  The Scale row will always be worked over the last row of DC.

Start by making a ring with 8 sc
I like to start with a MR so I can tighten up the center closed snugly

R1- MR sc8  [end with a slip stitch and chain up for the next row after each row]
R2- Increase (inc) all stitchs 16
R3- INC, sc repeat around 24
R4- INC, sc 2 repeat around 32

From here you can either skip to the DC directions if you want a smaller bag or continue on if you want your bag larger.  The first bag I did stopped at 4 rounds for the base.

R5- INC, sc 3 repeat around 40

Work around the post of the DC
The Frame work starts here this next round will be worked in the BACK LOOPS ONLY, and all stitchs will now be DC so if I say INC DCx then you do a DC increase.

How to make the Scale
R6F- Chain 2 (does not count as a DC) BLO INC, dc 4  48
R6S- Working into the post of the 3rd DC from where your hook is (should be where  you just slip stitched into the start of the round) DC 4 around the post, then dc around the very next post putting your hook in from left behind and out on the right and work 4dc up.  Skip over 2 stitches then in the 3rd stitch from the work repeat the DC4 up and down  You will close the round with a slip stitch into the starting scale, you may have one extra or one less st if you didn't increase properly that's ok.

Repeat R6F and R6S for as many rounds as you want the bag to be long then do the fallowing to finish off
How to finish off a scale row

Finishing Rounds Done in Single Crochet
FR 1- Dec, sc 4 repeat around 40
FR 2 - Dec, sc 3 repeat around 32
FR 3- SC All or SLST all your prefrance 32

Make a Chain about a foot long to weave into the top of the bag to use as closer and your done!

I will be modifying and updating this pattern as I work the bag, hopefully I will get some photos and if I can barrow a camera that can record video try to get video of how I work the scales.

Please leave feedback!  I would love to see what you made with this pattern.  Let me know if something is not clear or is wrong.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Size matters when your hooking....

Same yarn, exact same pattern, diffrent sized crochet hooks. The Square on the right was crocheted with a 3.00 mm Japaneses 'Fenq C' brand hook, the square of the right was made with a Boye 1.8mm steel hook. The square on the right is roughly 3/4 the size of the left square, they are both 2 rounds of a granny done exactly the same way.

The yarn I am using is a two ply cotton, lace weight that I picked up from the thrift store near me, it was nearly a 1/2 full cone but no brand lables just a sticker on the inside stating 100% cotton.

This is one way to adjust a 'pattern' but you don't want to change the hook size to much or you will wind up with  something that just looks scraggly and will not hold it's shape.  My tension also gets tighter as my hook sizes gets smaller its something I personally need to work on.

Knowing your gauge for different weights of yarn can be helpful when you want to do a project but dont have the right weight yarn, or if your new to crochet and dont happen to have the right sized hook.    On the larger square with my 3.00mm hook I got 6 stitches per 1 inch where as with my 1.8mm hook it was 8 stitches per 1 inch,  this lets me know if I wanted to match the size of the larger square but I only had the smaller hook I would have to adapt and work 3 rows of the granny square pattern to = 2 rows done with the 3.00mm hook.

Now these examples are done with my small set of hooks that I normally reserve for tiny crochet but the theory applies to larger hook sizes.  Say you want to make my penguin pattern, but a 3 to 4 inch tall toy is to small you want something to cuddle with, instead of using a E/3.5mm try working it up in a H/5mm hook and that should make it roughly 8 to 10 inches tall it will also eat up more yarn.  Now if you tried working it up with a Q/16mm hook it would have gaps, you would need to adjust and used a more bulky yarn or even held 3 strands of worst weight together because a Q hook is more then 5 times the size of the original hook intended for the patter and there for the yarn which means you will need 3 times the amount of yarn as well.

You can use this information to help adjust any pattern!  I am a large person and more often then not I find cute shrugs or cardi's that I would love to make but the size chart does not adjust up to my size.  So if you need to adjust a pattern look for where it tells you the gauge, then from there you should be able to figure out what you need to do to make the patter larger by going up a few hook sizes or yarn and hook size.  Some times adjusting the hook/yarn might not be enough and you have to actully add stitches just make sure to measure yourself/whom ever the item is for so you know how many stitches extra you will need.  If they are doing a pattern stitch like a fan/shell stitch you need to make sure you know how many stitches are used in the fan/shell so your initial starting chain will be the proper length. When I work shell/fan stitches I work them over 5 stitches, for example if I wanted to make a gauge swatch I would make a chain 15 st long, and DC 5 times into the 3rd chain from the hook, then slst or sc (depending on how open I want the work to be) in the 3rd stitch over  and repeat.  With an H hook and worst weight yarn that would make a swatch 3x3 (each fan would be roughly 1 inch and each row 1 inch) so if I wanted to make a cardi for someone who is 34 inches round at the waist I would need to make sure to chain 170 to start, although I like to make my items a little on the larger size just in case they shrink it with washing so I would add 10 more stitches to add 2 inches making it a starting chain of 180.  Adjusting hook and yarn size will also mean you need to adjust your yardage you will need more if your going bigger typically if its a lacy stitch one extra skein will do, you might not even use it but if its a tight worked stitch with no gaps and its a large project it could be as much as 4 extra skeins.

Hope this is helpful to you all!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Warm Up America at Michaels craft store

I was out at Michaels craft store today to pick up some yarn because they're having a 50 percent off sale yes ladies 50 percent of yarn at Michaels so go get some. When I saw some ladies playing with the sasha yarn that makes this really cute spiral scarf I stopped to talk to them for a while about how I crochet that style yarn.
It was mentioned that their crochet and knitting classes are doing Warm Up America where they're making seven by seven inch squares in any fashion you want you can do granny you can do single crochet back and forth,  or even go fancy and you were really intricate 7 inch square and they're going to stitch them all together to make blankets and this Saturday to send off to Warm up America so if you want to join them you can either bring in a couple of 7 inch squares to drop off or bring in squares and some yarn and work with them I highly encourage you to help them out. This is the Michaels on Manchester in St Louis. I will be planning to drop off a couple of Granny Squaress and maybe some more intricate square Saturday if I have time I might sit and crochet with them as well helping them get all the square sewn together to make blankets.
As soon as I get to a computer or laptop I will update with pictures of their pamplet and an exact address. 

11945 Manchester Rd
Des Peres, MO 63131-4502

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dragon Egg (Dice Bag)

So I am gearing up for a convention that is in June.  I want to make a few dice bag's because it is a gaming convention.  This is one of the ideas I have come up with it is suppost to look like a dragon egg playing on popular shows like Game of Thrones and of course How to Train a Dragon.

I made it up as I went, I made the base of a circular sc, then made the under structure out of all DC, making the scales by skipping 2 dc and working the scale over the next to posts.

I have no idea how well this will go over or how much I will want to charge for it.  I am thinking of asking $15-20, I put in over 8 hours and would be so disappointed if no one was even interested.

I think the next Dice bag I work up might be a BaBomb I am just unsure how I will make the top look right and not like a black bag with a gray drawstring.  I might also work up some Police Box Dice Bags as well but that depends on if I can get toner for my printer.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cat Toy for Charity

I hate having to take my older cat Dayton to the vet.  She is not feeling well and I knew a trip was nessary, and the vet has a lot of kittens in the office that still need re-homing/fostering.  I figured to try and ease my stress over the visit I would make some toys to donate to the kitties. 

Our younger cat Connie loves the toys so I am sure the kittens will get a kick out of them.

These three toys are simple to make if you  know how to crochet in the round, DC, work around a chain, work around a post.

Ball w/Tail
MR-6 [6]
Inc all [12]
Inc, sc [18]
SC all -3 rounds-   [18]
Dec, sc [12]
dec all [6]
Stuff with some catnip, and either poly fill or if you want a heavy toy poly pellets or rice
Pinching the 6 remaining stitches together slip stitch the first and last st's together and across.
Chain up from the last slst by 20 (more or less for longer shorter tail) +2chain, then put 3 DC stitches into each chain stitch all the way back up and slip into the start of the last round where you slst it closed and finish off  weaving the tail in.

Chain 20 (more for a longer spiral) +2 for turning chain, and put 3 DC into each stitch of the chain back across.   Just like the tail in the Ball w/tail pattern.

Flower Teaser

Chain 4, DC into the first chain st (this is the stitch you will be working into for this round), chain 1 dc back into the same space as before, Repeat the Ch DC till you have 7 (counting your starting chain) post then chain and slst into the  starting chian in the 3 st. 

This should leave you with 'wheel' with 7 spokes.  This is the base frame work for the flower you will be working around the chain spaces for the peddles next.

Start by chaing up 1, then working in the chain space (working around the chain and not into the chain stitch) SC DC DC SC  repeat in each chain space. Slip Stitch into the first peddle.

If you want you can do the second round in a new color [if so FO with starting color and  in new color make a slip stitch around a post from back to front and chain 5] if not continue on--

Chain  3  slip stitch from the back of the flower around the post and make a slip  stitch. chain up 5,  DC around the next post from back to front chain 2 and repeat around ending in a chain 2 slst into the  3rd chain from the starting chain 5  This is a base frame for the 2nd round.

Peddle round - Ch 1 SC DC3 SC into first chain space and around.

You can keep working rounds for a more poofy flower, just increase the chains by 1 each frame round, and add Dc or even Triple croches into the peddle rounds.

I left a long chain tail on mine with a small loop so the flower could be hung in the cage from one of those elastic teaser toy hooks, or even used with one of the cat rods.

All of these patterns can be made with scrap yarn.   As always if something isn't clear let me know, I would love to see how yours turn out!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spinning Wheel Help!!

 I have been wanting to learn how to spin for a while, but the cost of a spinning wheel  has always been my biggest road block.

I found this beauty for $60+tax at a 'Antique Mall'.  It will need a drive band, and I am not sure if it needs a flyer whorl or if its bobbin driven.  The treadle and wheel work smoothly but the footman has a small split in it and might possibly crack with extended use but I think I can get it replaced easily and it seems like the pin attaching it to the wheel was replaced at some point with a washer and a bit of wire which I will want to replace. The part that holds the flyer (closes to the wheel not the orifice) is chipped but I assume I can just use a strip of Velcro to ensure it doesn't get jostled off.  

The only mark I could find on it was faded and looked like it said 'MacDonal PA' so does anyone recognize this wheel?  I would like to learn more about it, find out if I should try and get a whorl made before trying to get a drive band so I know if it is a double drive, or bobbin drivin.

I am also unsure what the arm on the side is for but the upright piece on it looks like someone broke it off and tried to glue it back on so I wouldn't trust to use it.

Warm Winter Scarf FINISHED

The weather here is insane.  It was -7 yesterday morning, and my aunt desided she would like me to make her a scarf.  Her only request was the color Teal, so this scarf is a mix of 'Real Teal', 'Macaw', and 'Navy'.

Its far to cold outside and covered in over a foot of snow to get natural light shots outside, so I am doing my best to use the light from the windows so you can get an idea of the actull color of the yarn.

I will try to update with more WIP shots threw out the day.

Here is the finished scarf! its just over 5ft long.

Monday, January 6, 2014

UN-tested Maokai Sapling

Someone asked for a pattern to make a doll for their friend.  I offered to write one up, but I did not test the pattern so it might need adjusting as you work.  IE you might need to add/subtract rounds to get the right shape and length.

Sc=single crochet
MR= Magic ring
st= stitch
R1/R12=round 1/12 ect
Inc=increase (two stitches into one stitch)
Dec=decrease (combinding two stitches together)

So if I write  R3 Sc 2, inc   I want you to keep single crocheting 2 stitches then increasing till the end.

Starting from the bottom up-

You will make two legs then crochet them together to start the body.  Arms, eyebrows, and top horn/branches worked separately and sewed in at end.

You will need green and black felt for mouth/eyes/leaf and brown yarn.  F/G/H hook depending on how large you want the pattern to come out. Yarn/Darning needle. Stitch marker, it can be contrasting color yarn, hair pin, or a store bought marker.

Leg's -make two

Magic Ring 5 sc  (( video showing how to start with a magic ring)) (5)
R1- Sc 2, inc, Sc 2 (6)
R2- SC all (6)
R3- SC2, inc, sc 2, inc (8)
R4- Sc all (8)
R5- Sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2 (10)
R6- Sc all (10)

First leg, cut off  6-8in end yarn and slst to finish off, second leg do not cut off yarn it will be the working yarn for the rest of the doll.

Holding the two legs together using the yarn from the first leg, sew 5 stitches together between the legs with the working yarn (starting spot for rounds) on the outside.

R7- SC all (15)  You will be working in the round when you get to where the legs meet start working across in the other leg skipping over the stitches sewn together.

R8- *sc 4, inc* repeat (18)
R9- SC all (18)
R10- Sc 5, inc  repeat (21)
R11- SC all (21)
R12- Sc 3, inc repeat (28)
R13 threw 18- SC all (28)
R 19- Sc 3, dec repeat (21)
R 20 - SC all (21)
R21- sc all (21)
R22- sc all (21)
Leave long tail to sew in top branches to body.

Smaller knob/branch make 2  ((Leave a tail to sew together))

R1- Sc 2, inc, Sc 2 (6)
R2- SC all (6)
R3- SC2, inc, sc 2, inc (8)
R4- Sc all (8)

Longer Knob/branch ((Leave a tail to sew together))


R1- sc 2, inc (6)
R2&3-sc all (6)
R4- Sc 2, inc (8)
R5&6- Sc all (8)

Sew each of the smaller branches to either side of the large one, by 3 stitches each leaving  20 stitches to sew the top into the body

Arms- make 2

MR 8-
Work for 8 rounds

Leave long tail for sewing into the body.

Brows- make 2
R1-3- SC All (4)
R4-  Sc, inc (6)
R5- Sc 2, inc (8)
R6-7- sc all (8)
R8- Sc 2, inc (10)

R9- Here you will make a split, work first  6 stitches then join them to the beging of the round leaving a 4 stitch gap.
R10-12 Sc all (6)
R10-11(B) Sc all (4)  work the reaming 4 stitches

You will want to stuff the body, attach the top portion to the body sew it to the body stuffing as you do so the top is also full stiffly.  Stuff and attach arms to sides around round 11.  For the brows you might not want to stuff the full brow , I would suggest stuffing the start of the brow lightly then sewing it shut at round 4 so you can firmly stuff the ends of the brows and sew them shut and attach to the body.

From here you will need to cut felt for eyes, mouth, and leaf to attach to the body.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Hual

I don't know what you all celebrate but we do Christmas in my family.  This Christmas I got a big haul of yarn from my family.  My grandma gifted with with all the yarn left over from her stash.  My Brother-in-law and sister got me the yarn on my wish list from
I think one of the top gifts I revived with from my husband.  It is a project organizer for yarn, it is a bag that has sections, one side of the section of spaces where you can place 6 skeins of yarn in individual pockets and pull the ends threw the top of the  bag ensuring your skeins don't get tangled up or roll around on the floor/couch. The other size has enough space for a full size blanket worth of skeins.

I have already put it to  work, stitching up a blanket for my brother-in-law.  We picked out this yarn off the web site but I did not realize it bobbled from lace weight to worst weight so the blanket is looking very rustic.

I have been wanting for a long time to try out some of this ice yarn and it works up nicely.  I know there was yarn snobs out there who turn there nose up at 'cheap' yarn, thinking if its cheap the yarn has to be trash.  Well I have been working with it for a few days and it holds up nicely compared to the more expensive stuff that I eventually shelled out a load of money for its just as easy to work with and feel great.

Lastly, yes that is a rubber band loom.  Its really fun to play with, but if you want to make adult sized bracelets you need multiple looms.  For the original price of the name brand loom I got 4 of this loom.  It works just the same way except they connect together by the side and not from underneath so you can have them side by side or staggered like in the image.   My friends got there oldest boy the name brand loom and I can not see a difference between bracelets made on his, and ones made on mine.
Ice yarn
granny yarn
Hubbys gifts

rubberband loom