Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spinning Wheel Help!!

 I have been wanting to learn how to spin for a while, but the cost of a spinning wheel  has always been my biggest road block.

I found this beauty for $60+tax at a 'Antique Mall'.  It will need a drive band, and I am not sure if it needs a flyer whorl or if its bobbin driven.  The treadle and wheel work smoothly but the footman has a small split in it and might possibly crack with extended use but I think I can get it replaced easily and it seems like the pin attaching it to the wheel was replaced at some point with a washer and a bit of wire which I will want to replace. The part that holds the flyer (closes to the wheel not the orifice) is chipped but I assume I can just use a strip of Velcro to ensure it doesn't get jostled off.  

The only mark I could find on it was faded and looked like it said 'MacDonal PA' so does anyone recognize this wheel?  I would like to learn more about it, find out if I should try and get a whorl made before trying to get a drive band so I know if it is a double drive, or bobbin drivin.

I am also unsure what the arm on the side is for but the upright piece on it looks like someone broke it off and tried to glue it back on so I wouldn't trust to use it.

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