Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here's looking at you kid

Some more items for the con. EYEBALLS in four colors.  Now I am going to try and make some more skel-o-Bunbun.  Or maybe Skelton pandas? 

I really need to get a hook slip that makes it hurt my thumb less or not at all that I could slip on and off hooks because I have to many small that I love to crochet with they move threw the yarn well, but they hurt my thumb.

I might actually show up at the con if my husband gets time off from his slave driving bosses.  He has a press pass and said he would get me a day pass if he could get off work for it.

CON-tamination and Japanese Festival

Left to Right
Snow owl, Dark green Chibi Cthulhu, Penguin, Skel-o-Bunbun, Red CC, strawberry, onigiri, Pink 'LOVE' CC, Girl inYukata, Green CC,

I am gearing up for CON-tamination  a horror and pop culture convention that is this weekend at the  Holiday Inn South County Center.  The nice people over at Animeggroll have a booth at the convention and said they would sell some of my critters for me!  So I will not be there but do look out for Animeggrolls booth they will be bringing a lot of interesting things with them.

Now on to other news!  I might get to consign some items at the Japanese Festival that Missouri Botanical Garden is holding Labor day weekend (Aug 31-Sept 2).   I am going in to speak with them about it on Thursday and taking in the motley crew you see above for examples of my work.   Most of these guys will be going off to the con Friday, and I did not have  any other work on hand to take in so I hope they are not put off by the creepy horror theme of Cthulhu's and Skel-o-Bunbun's.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


So I have been wanting to make one of these little cuties for a while now and I keep putting it off to do other things.  

Well tonight was that same day.  personaly I think for working at 1am its not to shabby for a first attempt.

Heres what I did
 In white yarn
MR 6
Inc all -12
sc all -12
inc sc - 18
sc all -18
inc sc2 -24
sc all -24
inc sc3-30
sc all-30
(work next row in BLO to make base)
dec sc- forgot to count the stitches after this round sorry
dec sc2
dec sc
then finish off by stuffing and weaving the tail back and forth in the last few stitches to sew it shut.

In black yarn
chain 7
Sc in second chain from hook and across (6 st)
sc back and forth for 12 rows leaving long tail.

Your white piece should have a slight cone shape so you will be using that long tail to shape your Onigiri.  Position the nori (black rectangle) on the 4th row from the close, lining up the other end on the other side also on the 4th row and sew it in place.  Try not to over tighten, but pull it tight enough to shape it into a Onigiri ball, if you don't know what that is its a triangle shaped rice ball popular in Japan often with something pickled or salted inside. From here you get to decide on what type of eyes or no eyes at all.  I went with the  > < eyes because he knows he is going to be eaten.  I think I will make more when I am not dead tired.

As always if you make one I would love to see it!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fall into Me Shrug

Here it is finally finished!  I tried my best to keep my hair up but it fell while the photos where auto clicking so its hiding the collar area.  The collar is rolled in the image but it can also be worn flat.

I wish I had someone here to help me get better pictures because it realy is quite lovely.  Maybe over the weekend I will be able to talk someone into modeling it for pictures in natural lighting (pending rain).

That pattern f or this is simple to make in any size and once I remeber which note book  I used to write what I was doing down in I will add it to the post!

I did this with a large skein of mystery Mohair yarn, and a size H/8 5.00MM.  If you know how to slst, dc, ch, and sk st you will be able to make this shrug.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finished Juicy Fruits blanket!

So I finished!! I love how the colors seem to wiggle upwards. Now I feel like running around screaming 'I finished it!!!' My second baby blanket and this one is perfect, 40x36 inches evenly.

I would realy like to make this pattern again in black and gray only larger say 60x80.  Only thing stopping me is lack of yarn and $$$ to buy said yarn would take like 30 skeins.

Speaking of yarn my husband is so cute he came home the other day with three skeins of yarn, red/green/blue for me for no reason at all and two crochet magazines. I love that he thinks of me when he sees yarn its sweet.

Now that is this out of the way I am going to focus on what I am calling my 'Fall into Me' spiral vest.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Update time!

So I slacked off a bit with crochet and have not updated any new posts in a few weeks.  Sorry!!!

I have some news and a two WIP )works in progress( to show off.

First up, is the Juicy Fruits blanket pattern by Red Heart that I am working on.  You will notice the diffrence between mine and the original in the link above I am making mine smaller so it will be a perfect square, the pattern is worked in groups of 6 stitches so I just chained I believe 132 at the start instead of their recommended 152.  I also am using a J hook, and a variegated yarn that my sister gave to me with out a label.  I decied I didnt want to keep doing the color changes the way they are done in the pattern, firstly because weaving/hiding all those tails would take for ever, secondly I would rather work out a way to carry the color changes up so your not wasting 4 to 6 inches every change because in the end that's A LOT of yarn wasted.  I do think after I finish the blanket I am working on I will try this pattern again, but do it in black and gray's for myself and see if I cant find a better way to carry up the color change instead of wasting all that yarn.

Here is the project I have been working on since June, it took a bit of a back burner spot since I started the above pattern.  I think I am going to just turn it into a circle vest, there are still quite a few rounds left to finish this one, sadly my attempts to free form the spiral Phoenix like wings failed.  I really did try but I could not get wings to have that spiral affect and still line up and look like it was still part of the same project.

Here I will end with some happy/sad news.

Due to the person who placed first in the Stitch and Share not living with in the bounds of the contest regulations (sad news for her) they decided to pass the gift on to seconed place (happy dance news for meh).  They emailed me since I was their second place (insert more happy dance because they called me second place!!) and asked if I would like the prize.

Its 29 sample spools of artistic thread.  My favorite is that skein laying across the spools, its a beautiful teal colored Kreinik Silk Mori (4044) thats 100% silk and so soft.  I want to work it into a bracelet, but I want to honor the tread and not just make it into something to use it but make it into something beautiful.  My first thought was a granny square bracelet, I just need to find some squares that I think will do justice to this beautiful thread.

On a side note, why is it that when I get a project out to crochet on the cats migrate to it and lay on it?

Above our Black and White short hair american is Dayton, and below is our short hair Tortie Connie.