Sunday, April 19, 2015

RESOBOX Gallary even has come to an end...

I am so happy to hear back from the awesome people over at RESOBOX.

I shipped of 22 ami's back in November so they could be apart of the largest Amigurumi Gallary event.   Five of those Ami's (unicorn, 2 dragons, a flower hat octo, and a seahorse) found new homes while they where off in New York!!

So I offically showed work in a gallary and SOLD work!!!

There are no words for how happy that makes me!!  I just wanted to share that with you all!!!

Also I will be working up a chibi octo pattern to give out as my way of celebrating!!!  Keep an eye out!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Pattern!! Butterfly Tank, Cover UP

Butterfly Tank, Cover Up

So spring is here (mostly) where I live, and that means I can bring out all my summer tops soon.

Its still a bit to chilly on days to where a tank top alone, so I made a cover up that I can put on in the A/C or when its a bit windy.  It covers the shoulders and on me just down to the top of my bust.    Sorry for the short distance photo I had to take it selfie style as no one was home today to help me out and I wanted to get the pattern finished and converted into a PDF so everyone else could give this top a try.             
Its a simple repeat of 4 rows, so you can easily adjust it to make a full top or even a bolero instead of a cover up.  The patter includes written directions and 2 charts.    

I took a poll over in Reddit to see if this should be included in my free or donate patterns.  I was actually quiet surprised by the results-- it was a tie!    48 people voted in total and the vote was split evenly at 24/24.         
So what I am going to do is offer it here for free~~ and if you like it enough that you want to donate please feel free to!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


WOW so my order from Dizzy Sheep shipped super fast!

I placed the order on 3/30 with free shipping and its only been two days I am super impressed.  I also love the touch of whimsy in the shipping package.

I also like the personal touch of a hand written note on the package, and on the order slip.

They also bagged the yarn, and tied it off with a cute ribbon to boot. Its the little things like this that made me want to share my experience.  I will defiantly be shopping with them again. 

Thank you Dizzy Sheep I will have a happy yarn day.  Now I can get back to working on my Butterfly Cover up.

Well once I can turn the hanks into ball's, one of the times I wish I had a swift but I rarely buy yarn in the hank (unless the shop offers to ball it).