OK so I see a lot of the same questions asked over and over.  Instead of telling people 'use a search engine'  I typically do take the time out to answer each and every one.  Today I got asked one of the questions I answer most often, and I thought to myself  "Self, why dont I just write this all down so I can link to it or just copy and past it?"  I laughed at myself and said  "Why self that will never work... or would it?"          
So here we are.  My 'Help!! How do I _____________?  I will slowly add to the page as I come across common help requests.  Heck I might even throw in random stuff that just might be handy in someone elses case.   Feel free to leave a question in the comments if you want me to add it to the page.                          

 (last updated 2/18/2016)

Why are there gaps when I decrease while working in the round?

Best way to hide tails on a flat fabric?  

How do you do a color change?

Help, I am mid row and only have a foot of yarn left how do I join an other skein?

My scarf is shrinking as I work!!! Help!!!

I lost/misplaced/dont have a yarn needle but need to sew or hide tails!!

How do I do _______ stitch?

Can I block acrylic yarn?

I keep  doing (insert stitch here) wrong, how do you keep them straight?
Term conversion chart if you need to translate UK to US

Help my favorit/family heirloom blanket has a hole in it how do I fix it?

Bullion Stitch tip to make it easy.

Why  does my piece have ridges and the photo in the pattern doesnt?

I messed up badly and no longer want my WIP can I save my yarn?


  1. I Just Paid for the Bohemian Boho Shawl Pattern "pattern" but now I am afraid to purchase the yarn to start it after reading the reviews. This is really a hot mess and I am so sorry for what everyone else has gone through. Since I've already paid for the pattern, would someone PLEASE send me the corrections or the word.doc that was mentioned? I can be reached at . I would love all of us to be able to crochet this pattern successfully and post pictures in spite of some one else's lack of respect and integrity for another's work. We can posts our pictures of our finished work and give credit to the original and rightful owner of the pattern.

    1. I shot my and MissMusica's edits over to you watch for the subject like "Boho Vest Edits by CCbSara and MissMusica98"

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  3. I am trying to find someone to make a crocheted elephant pillow. Do you know anyone that does? I have a picture of what I am looking for.

    1. I take on commisions all the time if you would like, you can email me @ SarahAnnCole at Gmail dot com

      If you are wanting someone more local to try, you can always post an request over on Reddit's