Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fringe and other things

 So this is the Neon bright RHSS I was using to try and do an argyle color pooling.  I think the color changes are just to long to get the look I wanted with out making a queen sized blanket.  Not to say you cant get the argyle, I just wanted solid colored, but you can easily make a smaller scarf with multi colored argyle that's heavy on the black.
That being said I did still get a neat color pooling that I liked.  Little zig zag groupings of colors.  I decided to turn it into a cowl, with some fringe which meant Dayton would be front and center making sure each strand was placed just right and if she didnt like it she would attack.
I am still debating on if I want to try and do a bit of knot work with the fringe or leave it as is.

Last, I finished off the bit of gold and scarlet silk/wool blend roving I have had on my Ladybug for a while now.  I find the spinning to be very relaxing for me once I get into the grove of it all.  I was hoping to get enough out of it to weave a scarf but that did not happen, so I am still not sure what I will make with this very soft fingerling weight single.

Still trying to get myself into a creative mood to 'dive' into christmas/birthday gift  making I have a few things on my list but not nearly enough.  I know I want to do some more fingerless mitts but I don't want to do the same ones I did last year so I would need to work up a new stitch pattern.  I have a throw I have been pecking at in filet crochet that is working up a bit narrower then planned so I have to think of a good way to edge it.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Updates -- &-- Sad news

Sad news first, my beloved beagle Buddy died over the Laborday weekend.  (He is the one on the right of the photo hidding his face)  His passing has hit me pretty hard, he has been my little baby for over 10 years, the reason I smile out of the blue.  I have been pretty depressed and have not even realy touched my crochet hooks since.

BUT the birthday season (Nov-Jan) is comeing up on top of Christmas so I have been forcing myself to work on items.  I have a filet blanket in the works as a christmas gift, and I was thinking of some scarfs.        
I dont know if you guys have seen the craze that is resurrecting with variegated yarn, but I plan to try dipping into it.  Planned Pooling, where you work up the yarn with a pattern planned out - this tool is pretty useful once you understand out to use it.  The popular pooling trend right now seems to be argyle.

Here is an example of how I worked up a planned pooling with RHSS Neon's-

 So some tips on how to use this site- decide on the stitch/pattern you want to use to make your item.  Then chain all the way threw your first set of color changes (or in my case for this pattern 1/2 ((no stitch count as not all skeins are identical even in the same color way), you want to start your first row on a next color-- I plan on using the moss stitch (sc, ch) so I would start mine with ch 2 of  purple, then sc into the 4th chain from hook working across ending with a sc in the last color change that you want (for me its the orange), now to make sure you get the colors to cascade add 2 more stitches (or a less slanted version do just 1).

I got roughly 50 stitches into each color change in the pattern. I rounded up/down on a few colors that gave 48/52 in some spots but 50 in others.  So what you want to do is work up a few inches (4 at least) and count how many stitches you get in each color change and just plug them into the site, this way you dont need to know a chain/hook/tension/gauge as you will be working with the hook and tension you want. You will want to take your time, and be patient as it does not always work up properly the first try (trust me -.-) just make sure when you start your first row of work you start on the first color you list on the site.  You can always over chain your starting chain to do that, and just undo the extra once your finished.   This works best with color changes between 4-12 inches anything less and you only get about 2 stitches and it wont pool well, and more is more likely to result in stripes unless you work on a large piece.

I have not got a good sample worked up yet myself but I pick it up and play with it when I am feeling particularly sad to try and take my mind of things.  I am going to unravel what I currently have on my hook, and try to work it up again with a larger hook and see if that helps me get the pattern I want with the pooling with out having to work length wise.

 Last bit of news, I have managed to brake my ergo handle.  The bottom has torn open in such a way that the hook slips down and pokes out the bottom.  I am going to try some gorilla glue on it and see if it will hold up before fully giving up on it and throwing it away.