Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's day gift

I made this batman mask for my husband for valentine's day.  He refuses to wear it in public but I hope he likes it.

I didn't use a pattern just made it up as I hooked. Basically a beanie that's xtra long with two chain 10 sk 10 st with 3 st worked between chains and 3 rows worked after with and Inc in the nose on the first row as you work over the chains.

Will try to update with a better description when I am at a pc and not on my phone.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Do you notice it?

Hat folded in half so it would stand up for picture
I hate when this happens.  I have been using some yarn brand called Gala, and it has next to no information on the label, no dye lot, no color name just "Gala Mix Fiber 50g".  As you can see on the right I was making an other hat, but the ball I was working from ran out 5 rows short.  So I pick up the next ball (bought two they looked identical in the store) and start working with it.  Turns out its not the same shade of white, its a tiny bit thicker and  it doesn't have that shine that the first half of the yarn did.  Separate both yarns are soft and nice to work with but they just dont match up.  I think I am threw with any brand that doesnt provide a color/dye lot.  The top half is slightly off white with a shine to it and the bottom half is white and matte. 

I finished the hat because thats spacificly what I got this yarn for.  I am not happy with the end result so I am thinking of trying to find a way to dye it.  Since its synthetic fibers I dont think normal dye will work on it so I might have to get creative.  Any ideas on how to dye Acrylic/Nyllon let me know!