Wednesday, July 20, 2016

So fancy

 Got to visit the zoo with my favorite niece over the weekend.  Here she is showing off her BoHo Lily Spiral Vest  for all the goats in the children's petting area to see.

This one was worked up in a J hook, and I eliminated most of the repeat sections to make it a toddler size like recommended in the sizing notes.  Its just a touch big on her but thats ok she can grow into it!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What I am up to...

We had a pretty bad storm roll threw yesterday, it took out our tree in the back yard and our A/C.
 So I am sitting in a house about 90 degrees give or take a breeze from the windows waiting for a repair guy to tell me what is wrong, and then take all the money I could have spent on a new fridge (need), or yarn(want).

So I did what any reasonable hooker would do, and finished off the wip on my hook.  This is a hot pink child size BoHo Lily Spiral Vest.   I used my own hand ply'd cotton to make this, and actually had to ply up a few yards to finish off the last round.   I eliminated all the repeats before the arm round, and adapted the arm holes to a 30 chain (still worked the same amount into it in the next round).  I only worked the smaller edge for a few rows.

Do to the heat I opted not to steam block this as I dont want or need the added heat and humidity it would provide.  Since it is cotton I soaked it in cold water and pinned it out on my blocking mats
Hubby just bought these mats for the floor at the end of the bed for me, and I dont think he would mind if I used them to block out a wet block so our bed didnt get wet/damp.

I am hoping Jordan (niece) love's it even if it isnt her current favorite color AquaTeal.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Yes an other one...

First and formost thanks to Beth for being my model again!

I finished this cute smaller version of my BoHo Lily Spiral Vest in Red Heart Unforgettable Dragonfly.  Doing the small version only ate up 3 skeins (technically 2 1/3),  I used a H hook, and omitted a few rows after the arm section, plus did the alternate smaller edging provided in the end notes section of the pattern.

Pictures where taken when it was litterly just off my hook, I had not even got to tuck in the tails because I did not bring my full crochet box to gaming last night just yarn and a hook.  I am really enjoing making these in the 'smaller' verson.  I need to get around to blocking both is one and the gray one I finished a while back, as bueatiful as I know they will turn out setting them up and pining them and steaming them is a dreaded task.  I think I dislike blocking more then I dislike weaving in tails.