Thursday, July 14, 2016

What I am up to...

We had a pretty bad storm roll threw yesterday, it took out our tree in the back yard and our A/C.
 So I am sitting in a house about 90 degrees give or take a breeze from the windows waiting for a repair guy to tell me what is wrong, and then take all the money I could have spent on a new fridge (need), or yarn(want).

So I did what any reasonable hooker would do, and finished off the wip on my hook.  This is a hot pink child size BoHo Lily Spiral Vest.   I used my own hand ply'd cotton to make this, and actually had to ply up a few yards to finish off the last round.   I eliminated all the repeats before the arm round, and adapted the arm holes to a 30 chain (still worked the same amount into it in the next round).  I only worked the smaller edge for a few rows.

Do to the heat I opted not to steam block this as I dont want or need the added heat and humidity it would provide.  Since it is cotton I soaked it in cold water and pinned it out on my blocking mats
Hubby just bought these mats for the floor at the end of the bed for me, and I dont think he would mind if I used them to block out a wet block so our bed didnt get wet/damp.

I am hoping Jordan (niece) love's it even if it isnt her current favorite color AquaTeal.

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