Friday, August 26, 2016


24 oz bottle with less then 20 yards of yarn.

When I got to the strap I decided to do it as double V's by (Dc2 , ch 1, Dc 2) into the same stitch, then turn the work, slst to the chain and repeat!

It makes little O shapes and has a great feel, nice and stable.  I like how stretchy the mesh is so I know it will fit almost any water bottle I have.

I like it enough that I might want to make a few more if its maiden voyage goes well.  That way when it soaks up all the sweat on the bottle and I hang it out to dry I have a dry one to use.

I know its a small thing but its the first thing I have made solely for myself in a long time, as well as the first none BLSV that I have worked on in a while.

Its been a while....

Sorry I have been slacking a bit on the updates.  Mostly I have been working on smaller versions of the BoHo Lily Spiral Vest, between dealing with real life issues and trying to get outside more and be more active.

Here is the first thing I have picked up to hook that is not a BLSV.  I am semi free forming a holder for my water as this bottle does not contain a handle or easy to carry when damp.  So I just decided to whip up a chain loop holder.  I am thinking I will add a long strap so I can sling it over a shoulder.

How I did it?  My bottle is 2 inches wide, so I started off with a G hook and made a chain 6 ring which was 1/2 inch wide.
Then worked 6 (ch 3, sc) into the ring.
Next to give it a bit of stretch so I could use it for multipul bottles and not just this tall skinny one, I did 6 (ch 4, sc) around working into each chain sections from previous rows.

I am continouing the ch 4, sc each row now till I get the length I want then I will cap it off with a row of sc.  If I do a long strap I might work it in DC.
BTW I am down 29 pounds since the end of May!!!  So my slacking here wasnt all going to waste.