Friday, August 30, 2013

Ruffle yarn---Not just for Scarfs

So there is this neat store called Up Cycle here in STL.  I had been curous about it for a while and my hubby took me back in june and I forgot all about posting because I was working on my Fall into Me Shrug then i got sucked into the MBG stuff.

The Up Cycle store is all about trading/recycling your craft supplies you will never use and buying craft supplies at what ever price you feel they are worth.  I traded in some of my fabric and leather that I was sure I would never find a use for and some old knitting needles.  What I got was 4 balls of ruffle yarn, 2 japanesse crochet hooks, some hand painted yarn, and some miscellaneous items I cant rember off the top of my head.  They had so much great stuff, I was just excited to get this ruffle yarn because I have been wanting to play with it but not wanting to spend $8-12 for a ball and then out all it was good for was scarfs.

I saw a cute rufflle skirt and it inspired me I though 'purse'. It is defiantly diffent working with this yarn I worked the ruffles as I went I tried a few different ways of  working the loop into the yarn base i decided to just go with every other loop.  If you have seen this style yarn before you know the top edge is just a strip of loops, I picked a loop up before working each crochet.  I also had to make sure to double over the yarn when I started by an inch or two so the end was as visable, I did the same at the end.

I tried to make  a patterned top so it wouldn't be plain but I forgot with black yarn you wont be able to see any of the detail. At least not with out bright lighting what luck the sun was out.  I tried a new method of cabling to do the straps so they are not hollow cords they actually look like a fishtail braid. 

Unfortunately I fubbed when sewing my lining in.  I tried to make a lining with two sections of the same size and some how even though I pinned it in it wound up the lining was 3 inches twisted compared to the base.   I lined the straps up to match the lining because it will make it easier when getting into it, but when the bag sits it will look a bit twisted or goofy.  That's ok with me I am a goofy girl.

I am still debating on if/how to add a closure to the purse.  Last purse I made I just did a flap and button and I don't want that with this one.  I don't want to loose the detailing at the top.  I guess next time I am out at a craft store I will just look around and if I don't find something I like I will just leave it as an open top and hope it doesn't ever spill or no one tires to pickpocket me.

Donut for your thoughts...

So I went up to MBG to do my drop off, that I am sure your all sick of hearing about by now good news this post isn't about MBG!

There is a Donut shop right at the intersection before the MBG called Worlds Fair Donuts .  We had to good luck to stop by about two weeks ago and get some donuts and other items.

BEST DONUTS (yeast wise) EVER!!  You have to get there early in the day if you want a large selection because they sell out quick.  Last trip we were only able to get some frosted, glazed, fried pie, and a pie donut. This trip we managed to get in early enough to snag the last long john, one of the last cake donuts, a cream pie donut, and a few regular glazed. 

I was so won over by the place that I was determined to go back  next time I was up there.  Since I  had made the plans I though I would make them a crochet donut!  The owner/baker was a sweet guy and very friendly.  This time we actually talked a bit more, and one of his regulars what impressed with the donut and asked if I could do a Buddha so I think that will be my next challenge.

It was easy... well if you call frogging 2 donuts before I got it right easy.   I just had to figure out how to make a disc with a hole in it.  Sounded very easy but some how when I applied my smarts to it I wound up with something that looked more like a ruffly doll skirt.  So I frogged that donut and started over.  Here is what I did (sorry I didnt take pictures of it in progress)--

Light brown yarn, White yarn, G-4,25mm hook

In light Brown chain 12, making sure not to twist the chain slst into the first chain.
Inc, sc around
Inc, sc2 around
Inc, sc3 around
Sc all for 3 rows
Dec, sc3
Dec, sc 2
Dec, sc 1

 Here is where it might get a bit tricky, you should end up with 12 stitches at the end.  What I did was flatten it so the hole's lined up on the inside, and stitched about 1/2 of it together then started stuffing but it was kind of hard so I recommend you try and stuff ever 3 stitch you sew up.

Once that is done with white yarn (or any color you want the frosting to be)

Chain 14, slst making sure not to twist the chain.
Inc, sc around
Inc, sc2 around
Inc, sc3 around

Then in this last round if you want it to look perfictly iced just do it in sc, BUT if you want it to look like mine where the frosting looks like it is dribbling down the sides in spots then do it more like this
Sc 4, hdc, dc (into same st as hdc), dc, hdc, sc3, hdc dc trb (all in same stitch),dc, hdc, sc reapeat
You can do more triple crochets for larger 'drips' get creative with it.   Leave a long tail to stitch it onto the base, I recommend sewing it on one st in from the edge so it leaves it with that thick frosted look.  If you have long beads you could even sew a few of those on for sprinkles.  My next one I will try to make sure to take loads of photos of the WIP or even video.

Again I am from the US so these are US crochet terms if you dont under stand something let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

I look forward to seeing everyone's donuts!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Amigurumi stops here---MBG

I have finished 51 diffrent amigurumi in assorted unicorns, bunnies, and chibi cthulhu's.  I went up and delivered them all today so the stress of 'finishing' is over.  All in all I was able to make 14 Unicorns, 17 chibi cthulhu's, and 20 Bunbuns (4 of which are Skel-o-Bunbuns).

I took group shots of what I still had left to deliver but some how lost the group shot of unicorns and since I already dropped them off I cant take an other.  I will try to get a shot of the display they put them on this weekend when I go out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival.  

I cant wait, I realy do hope they sell well and people like them.

 These bunnies just wanted to pile up and be unruly.  It was like bowling only with out a bowling ball the bunnies would just all decided to fall over randomly.  So their group shot is a Pile-o-Bunbuns.
Now the Chibi Cthulhu's on the other hand where more then happy to stand up and even stay in formation for their photo op.  Nothing beats a murder of Cthulhus.  Any idea what the plural for Cthulhu is?  I know a Murder is a flock of crows but I like the term for this grouping of Cthulhus.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Poyo inspired catgurumi

Here is a project I have been wanting to make for some time.  Its inspired by a Anime shorts called Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki which is the cutest cat that is basically a sphere and consistently mistaken for other round objects like sweet bun's, melons, or pillows.  I figured I would make it just like I did my Unicorns and I really like how it came out!  Not sure if I want to keep him or sell him so I can buy more eyes and make more of him.

I did the tail differently then I have done tails in the past, and I think I really like this new way but its a bit more complex, it involves making several loops on the hook and pulling your hook out of them and crocheting from the end with out loosing the other loops.  It makes it more like a rope that has flexibility then a stiff cylinder worked in the round.

I didn't really write down a pattern when I made him but if anyone has an intrest in making one I can write it down the next time I make an other.

Happy birthday! and Ood-er things

Ok I finally made that Ood!!  Since my wonderful hubby has a birthday this week and people have asked or mentioned Oods to me atleast 3 times this month I decided to make one.  It didn't quite work like I wanted so when I make an other (if) I will have to adjust the pattern.  I was hopping to work it all in one piece +arms, but it wound up more like five pieces. I went for natural light hoping it wouldnt wash out the color.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sneak Peak of MBG work aka Image Heavy post

Ok so here is the sneak peek at what I will be taking over to Missouri Botanical Garden for the Japanese Festival that is happening Aug 31-Sept 2.  My hubby plans on taking me up on  one of the day because we have know about it the last 2 years but never actully made it up for the festival and this just makes me even more excided.

I tried my best to group them by color, but the bunbuns where not having it so most of them got solo shots. 


So much crochet -.- in so little time.  I just hope they all find homes with people who love them as much as I loved making them.  I also wish I had a better way to take photos I have been using my phone and it tends to bleed out the colors =(

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Off to the MBG

These guys are going off an an adventure to the Missouri Botanical Garden to have their pictures taken in the Japanese garden!

They will be the first batch to go up.  Hopefully everyone else loves them as much as I loved making them and they find good homes.

I have two styles of Bunbuns, the ones with cylinder like ears and the ones with big fat ears.  Personally I like both styles which is why I made both.  I tried to mix and match the colors for them in ways that worked.  I have two style Unicorns as well, Silver and Gold!  Of course not to be left out are the Chibi Cthulhu, one in traditional green and the other two in bright playful colors.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Possitives and Stress!!

So I have Positive news but its stressing me out a little!!

The Missouri Botanical Garden wants me to crochet for them!!  Sadly the amount they wanted was way to much.  It was about 3-4 months worth of work.  I shot back more reasonable numbers that I know I can finish by the time they need them (August 31).  Its stressful, I think as I am working I am way to hard on myself.  I really want to de-mane all the Unicorns I finished because I don't like how they look and that will add a lot more work onto my tab *sign*.

Have you ever been unhappy with your crochet and taken it apart to redo?  I feel I just rushed them to get them done and the manes are to short so the yarn isn't laying right.

I really hope these do well at the festival.  This opportunity is amazing for me and I am so excited and grateful to the mystery person who passed along my card.

I will share photos in a few days of the work I am making for them when I get a chance.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Skel-o-Bunbun and Panda

So last post of the night I swear.  When I was making the Skel-o-Bunbun I thought it would also make a cute panda so I whipped up a panda!  I am debating on if I should turn him into Skel-o-Panda or leave him cute style.