Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Amigurumi stops here---MBG

I have finished 51 diffrent amigurumi in assorted unicorns, bunnies, and chibi cthulhu's.  I went up and delivered them all today so the stress of 'finishing' is over.  All in all I was able to make 14 Unicorns, 17 chibi cthulhu's, and 20 Bunbuns (4 of which are Skel-o-Bunbuns).

I took group shots of what I still had left to deliver but some how lost the group shot of unicorns and since I already dropped them off I cant take an other.  I will try to get a shot of the display they put them on this weekend when I go out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival.  

I cant wait, I realy do hope they sell well and people like them.

 These bunnies just wanted to pile up and be unruly.  It was like bowling only with out a bowling ball the bunnies would just all decided to fall over randomly.  So their group shot is a Pile-o-Bunbuns.
Now the Chibi Cthulhu's on the other hand where more then happy to stand up and even stay in formation for their photo op.  Nothing beats a murder of Cthulhus.  Any idea what the plural for Cthulhu is?  I know a Murder is a flock of crows but I like the term for this grouping of Cthulhus.

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