Friday, August 30, 2013

Ruffle yarn---Not just for Scarfs

So there is this neat store called Up Cycle here in STL.  I had been curous about it for a while and my hubby took me back in june and I forgot all about posting because I was working on my Fall into Me Shrug then i got sucked into the MBG stuff.

The Up Cycle store is all about trading/recycling your craft supplies you will never use and buying craft supplies at what ever price you feel they are worth.  I traded in some of my fabric and leather that I was sure I would never find a use for and some old knitting needles.  What I got was 4 balls of ruffle yarn, 2 japanesse crochet hooks, some hand painted yarn, and some miscellaneous items I cant rember off the top of my head.  They had so much great stuff, I was just excited to get this ruffle yarn because I have been wanting to play with it but not wanting to spend $8-12 for a ball and then out all it was good for was scarfs.

I saw a cute rufflle skirt and it inspired me I though 'purse'. It is defiantly diffent working with this yarn I worked the ruffles as I went I tried a few different ways of  working the loop into the yarn base i decided to just go with every other loop.  If you have seen this style yarn before you know the top edge is just a strip of loops, I picked a loop up before working each crochet.  I also had to make sure to double over the yarn when I started by an inch or two so the end was as visable, I did the same at the end.

I tried to make  a patterned top so it wouldn't be plain but I forgot with black yarn you wont be able to see any of the detail. At least not with out bright lighting what luck the sun was out.  I tried a new method of cabling to do the straps so they are not hollow cords they actually look like a fishtail braid. 

Unfortunately I fubbed when sewing my lining in.  I tried to make a lining with two sections of the same size and some how even though I pinned it in it wound up the lining was 3 inches twisted compared to the base.   I lined the straps up to match the lining because it will make it easier when getting into it, but when the bag sits it will look a bit twisted or goofy.  That's ok with me I am a goofy girl.

I am still debating on if/how to add a closure to the purse.  Last purse I made I just did a flap and button and I don't want that with this one.  I don't want to loose the detailing at the top.  I guess next time I am out at a craft store I will just look around and if I don't find something I like I will just leave it as an open top and hope it doesn't ever spill or no one tires to pickpocket me.

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