Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas/Birthday Season Gifts

 So this is what I have been hold up making that has kept me sane, and also a way from posting.
For my family November marks the start of the birthday, Christmas gift giving seeing as we have 5 birthdays scattered between now and Christmas.  So family if you dont want to know what your possibly getting stop reading now!!

Above- Soft silky fuzzy mill end mystery yarn.  Simple pattern,  Chain an even number +5 for turning, in 6th chain from hook sc, sc, ch 2, sk 2, sc 2 -- across ending with a sc 2.  Then for all fallowing rows,  Chain 3, sc2 in next chsp, ch 2, sc 2 in next chsp repeating till end.
Simple HDC cowl with fringe.

 A set of matching arm knit cowls, last 2 photos are of the same cowl just stretched out.  First one is a smaller size meant for a specific tiny person.
 Men's hunting cowl, simple DC in BLO worked flat then sewn ends together.

 Midnight titled squares and triangles with fringe.

 Tulip Filet blanket.  Its shown while I was blocking it, so its folded over on itself.

 Close up of tulip pattern.
 Healing Teal-  Short version of BoHo Lily Spiral Vest --claimed--
 RH Dragonfly- Short version of BOHO Lily Spiral Vest -claimed-

  Cute mits in a simple -Ch 1 sk 1 sc 1, repeat- made with a cashmer blend in silver.
I know I have a few more peices but I am not sure where I stuck them.