Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BIFF! BAM! POW! (wip update)

This blanket is kicking my butt.  It now span's the width of our couch almost 6 feet.
 I give up on estimating how big it will get now.

 I think when I finaly finish it I will have to take it outside to get a photo of it in whole.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Drasticly over estimated the size this would turn out to be.   Also the reason I have not been posting as much, this is serously sucking up all my time.

I love how its turning out, but its now almost 5 feet wide.   When I started, I had planned for it to be about 7ft finished; now I have no idea how big its going to get.   I have a new respect for everyone who does large scale tunisian work.  

Even though I am only working with 2 colors, I have 5 balls connected to the piece so I dont have to carry the yarn across colors (the red showed through).  I have learned the trick to not tangling the yarn with color changes, which also prevents a gap in the color change.  As I am working the last stitch before the color change I cross the colors then work the stitch, then cross the yarn back.  It locks the color change together preventing the gap I have seen in other peoples tunisian color changes.              

I am still debating on which end of forward pass increase at the end I like.  Since its a jagged edge I cant just do a normal increase I have to add stitches at the end, so I am working it like a foundation crochet which requires a second hook so I am not adding a 6th ball just to add a chain 2 at the end.  I think once I get up to where the wings are I will just make an additional chain separately as it will be much longer then the 2 stitches I am currently making every other row.

Now I need to stop procrastinating and get back to tackling this monster I only have  32 more days to finish it -.- and I am not even half way done.


Monday, July 13, 2015

WIP update

I completely under estimated how big this would be.  Its my first time writing a tunisian style pattern, and this is about 1/6 of the way finished (maybe its hard to estimate with an odd shape).  Its alread about 3 feet wide at the top.

I have been solely working off  a chart I worked up in photoshop, and I had my hubby print it out for me thinking I could work on it with out having to use my laptop.  Sadly even printed over 2 sheets my eyes are not good enough for the amount of 'blocks' for it to be usefully I think I would have to print it across 4-6 sheets and that would be to cumbersome.  

It makes me wish I had worked it from side to side instead of bottom to top.  So I think when I finish the blanket and clean up the graph I will recommend that it be worked side to side it would be easier to work from the print sheet that way.


Monday, July 6, 2015

2nd Birthday Gift WIP sneak peek

My camera just can not capture the shade of green this yarn is.  I am hoping for some sunshine tommorow and maybe I can get a shot in natural light.

This one will also be paired up with a light blue.

Not going to show much more of the item to keep the gifttee in suspense because I know she/or/he will see this.

I am keeping notes on the pattern its very basic but the color work I have planned should 'make' the item look great.  If there is any demand when I finish I will write up and post it with a chart.

Friday, July 3, 2015

More fiber??

This is just one of the many reasons I like being apart of the smaller reddit sub community's.

I just got a box full of some really beautiful fibers.  The photo does not do it justice, ssince it was a gift not all the yarn is labeled so I am not sure what all of it is made of but I am sure that most is wool or a wool blend.  The bats I am most excited about, in the bottom of the photo in a bag have 11 different fibers mixed throwout; it looks like a sunset on a beach.  (menrino, bfl, faux cashmere, merino locks, tussah silk, banana fiber, firestar, organic cotton, tencel nepps, cottolin, and angelina)

Then there is the gold, copper,rusty brown, and maroon fiber that has a beautiful luster to it that cant seen seen in any of the photos I took.  It feels so wonderful, I am sure its a nylon, firestar wool blend.   
 Then there is the braid of fiber in the zippy top bag that is all glare in the photo (should have unbagged it), its a mix of tangerines and blue/teal and is made of BFL and silk 80/20.        
Not sure what the 3 twisted beehive ones are, they feel like a soft wool blend but have no shine to them.  Also the maroon on the top left,  its actually two bits of fiber almost the same color, one silky soft feeling with a little over a 6in staple the other is more matt and rough with a shorter staple about 4 inches.  I belive I will blend these two together when I spin, it might give it a heathered look.

I cant wait to dive into it all, but it will have to wait.  I still have the hot pink yarn I am plying up into a fingerling weight on and the spindle is about 7/8ths full so I should try and finish it off first.