Monday, July 13, 2015

WIP update

I completely under estimated how big this would be.  Its my first time writing a tunisian style pattern, and this is about 1/6 of the way finished (maybe its hard to estimate with an odd shape).  Its alread about 3 feet wide at the top.

I have been solely working off  a chart I worked up in photoshop, and I had my hubby print it out for me thinking I could work on it with out having to use my laptop.  Sadly even printed over 2 sheets my eyes are not good enough for the amount of 'blocks' for it to be usefully I think I would have to print it across 4-6 sheets and that would be to cumbersome.  

It makes me wish I had worked it from side to side instead of bottom to top.  So I think when I finish the blanket and clean up the graph I will recommend that it be worked side to side it would be easier to work from the print sheet that way.


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