Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ta-done! Water Dragon

Instead of horns that I normally do on other dragons I opted to do seaweed tendrils.  I also added smaller patches of seaweed to the arms as you can see in the back image, but I wound up removing them they where not fuzzing up and looking light and airy like the sections on the head.  Due to it being a water dragon I went with making a longer finned tail and no hind legs.

I did an indoor shoot today because I realize the last few blue items I photographed out on my bench just got sapped of color by the silvering wood and I wanted the colors to show clearly.

Yes, there are no wings.  I thought about it in a practical manner and if it was swimming in the water the wings would cause to much drag and wouldn't be practical. Also it might make it too busy looking with all the details

Monday, July 28, 2014

WIP Water Dragon

This is my take on the Water dragon from my element set I have been working on the past week.

I unspun some navy, purple, and light blue and used the the singles held with the working yarn to get this effect, light to dark as I worked own.

I got a close up of the eyes I painted, they where clear cat eyes 7mm and now they are lavender dragon eyes.  I wish I had been able to get 8mm eyes but they didnt have them in that size still I think in person these look realy stunning.     
I need to take a day and paint up 20+ set's of eyes as my stock of hand painted is slowly being used up.

I plan on adding a little surprise element to this guy but not sure how it will look so I have to play with placement of it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Earth Dragon!

Ok so for the earth dragon after talking with u/SunnyInDenmark over in r/Crochet I came up with a lava dragon spawned from the molten core of the earth, as my earth dragon.

This one is sporting my hand painted copper eyes.    
I spent a few hours embroidering the lava cracks into this guy.  I unspun some red and orange and respun it together to get that red hot look.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some more Octo's and Dragons!

 Just an update on things I am making.

I finished off a Storm/Rainbow Octo, and a yellow and navy Octo.

I swapped over to doing dragons, I finished an orange and yellow firy dragon, and a brushed white and blue airy dragon.

I opted out of doing horns on the Air dragon for the fluffy wispy ears and chest ruff.

Debating on making an earth and water pair next.  Unsure what colors I would pick for them as brown isnt a popular color in the dragons and I am not sure how to do a blue water dragon that doesnt just look like the air one.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flower Hat Octo-Jelly

I am moving on to making some items for Animeggroll to take to the Japanese Festival.  This is my flower hat OctoJelly.

You may rember my trial run of this pattern back around June 27th.  Well I worked it out so they now have 8 legs instead of 6.      

The pink and tangerine (rhss colors) was my second go at this pattern.  It still didnt feel right to me, the flower part made gaps that where just to big for my liking and the stitch count on the decrease after tentacles was leaving even bigger holes, so I made farther adjustments with the navy, sky, and steel (rhss colors) OctoJelly to reduce holes on the flower and eliminate any gaps/holes on the closing rounds.        
I plan on making a few plain OctoJellys and at least 4 of these Flower Hat OctoJellys.

I think I like the tri-color look of the Flower hat OctoJelly better then the bi-color.  I think I will make an other pink, tangerine, and bubble gum FHOJ with the flower in bubble gum and  tangerine, leaving the body to be worked in pink which is lighter then bubble gum.

Heck now I am getting all fired up about color combos.

I am now thinking of a 'Stormie' OctoJelly with the flower in shades of grey the body in white to look like a storm cloud and the legs in rainbow color but I need to figure out what the extra 2 leg colors should be.  Maybe gray, white, or a lighter/darker shade of one of the rainbow colors.

Hrm pink flower with punch trim  (maroon) and purple body...

What about yellow flower with navy trim and a same yellow body?

Or a white and red like the Japanese flag with the 'red spot' of the flag being the red flower with a white body.

I just realized I am now using color inspiration and the blog to procrastinate from cleaning... shhh dont tell anyone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I dub thee BoHo Wrapcity...

 I finaly finished this wrap inspired by the one seen on Anne Rowly for my commisionee.

Its roughly 14 inches by 70 inches. I was able to grab some sunlight today to get pictures, I am sharing the best 2 shots, the top on is folded in half, and the bottom is all folded up like an accordion.

Now I can start on my birthday patterns!!  Right after I finished a few Octo's and dragons for Animeggroll's trip to the Japanese Festival

Monday, July 14, 2014

Its not a trope...

This monster is one the reasons I have trouble crocheting.

She is currently fixtated with light blue colored yarn any time I am working with it she parks herself on me, the wip, or some how gets the yarn wrapped around herself.

Meet Dayton.

She proves cats do indeed like to play with yarn.  BUT only when you are currently using it.  I tossed her my scrap yarn and she had no intrest in it at all.

Once I finish the big project I am working one I have a birthday gift lined up, and I need to make some Octos and Dragons for the MBG Japanese Festival, this year I am going to sell threw Animeggroll as MBG has out sourced their venders and not contacted me to make Amigurumi for them again.

Ok enough procrastination I am off to work on 'work'.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mythical Creatures pdf *Update new cover*

This will be my second booklet.
Unlike the Sealife one, this pdf contains two patterns I have not posted before.  

In this donation only PDF there are 4 patterns, I included a shot of the index.  the Chibi Dragon, and my Cthulhu are two that I have not shared before that will be included as well as the Abnormal Unicorn, and a Dragon Scale Bag.

As before it's a donate what you want $1 on up to my PayPal with the PDF name and a email you wish the PDF sent to.   Use the new PayPal donate button!