Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some more Octo's and Dragons!

 Just an update on things I am making.

I finished off a Storm/Rainbow Octo, and a yellow and navy Octo.

I swapped over to doing dragons, I finished an orange and yellow firy dragon, and a brushed white and blue airy dragon.

I opted out of doing horns on the Air dragon for the fluffy wispy ears and chest ruff.

Debating on making an earth and water pair next.  Unsure what colors I would pick for them as brown isnt a popular color in the dragons and I am not sure how to do a blue water dragon that doesnt just look like the air one.


  1. I love the new characters, they're all gorgeous - although the Air Dragon is particularly cute :)

    Rather than using brown for the earth dragon, why not use a multiple coloured yarn with the browns, reds, coppers, iron, black etc. Using all the colours you get in the soil? The same would work for the water dragon - you can get some amazing yarns with blues, greens, whites, silver, etc., in them :)

    1. I actully got a good idea for the earth dragon, from a friend on reddit u/SunnyInDenmark I will be posting it when I get him done for now he is a suprise in the making I really like how he is working up.

      I have a variegated yarn I was thinking of using for the water but I think the colors will wind up pooling in a bad way since these guys are realivly small.