Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flower Hat Octo-Jelly

I am moving on to making some items for Animeggroll to take to the Japanese Festival.  This is my flower hat OctoJelly.

You may rember my trial run of this pattern back around June 27th.  Well I worked it out so they now have 8 legs instead of 6.      

The pink and tangerine (rhss colors) was my second go at this pattern.  It still didnt feel right to me, the flower part made gaps that where just to big for my liking and the stitch count on the decrease after tentacles was leaving even bigger holes, so I made farther adjustments with the navy, sky, and steel (rhss colors) OctoJelly to reduce holes on the flower and eliminate any gaps/holes on the closing rounds.        
I plan on making a few plain OctoJellys and at least 4 of these Flower Hat OctoJellys.

I think I like the tri-color look of the Flower hat OctoJelly better then the bi-color.  I think I will make an other pink, tangerine, and bubble gum FHOJ with the flower in bubble gum and  tangerine, leaving the body to be worked in pink which is lighter then bubble gum.

Heck now I am getting all fired up about color combos.

I am now thinking of a 'Stormie' OctoJelly with the flower in shades of grey the body in white to look like a storm cloud and the legs in rainbow color but I need to figure out what the extra 2 leg colors should be.  Maybe gray, white, or a lighter/darker shade of one of the rainbow colors.

Hrm pink flower with punch trim  (maroon) and purple body...

What about yellow flower with navy trim and a same yellow body?

Or a white and red like the Japanese flag with the 'red spot' of the flag being the red flower with a white body.

I just realized I am now using color inspiration and the blog to procrastinate from cleaning... shhh dont tell anyone.

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