Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mythical Creatures pdf *Update new cover*

This will be my second booklet.
Unlike the Sealife one, this pdf contains two patterns I have not posted before.  

In this donation only PDF there are 4 patterns, I included a shot of the index.  the Chibi Dragon, and my Cthulhu are two that I have not shared before that will be included as well as the Abnormal Unicorn, and a Dragon Scale Bag.

As before it's a donate what you want $1 on up to my PayPal with the PDF name and a email you wish the PDF sent to.   Use the new PayPal donate button!


  1. Is it alright to sell the finished product (of course with all credit for the pattern passed back to you)?

    1. I see my patterns as just an other 'tool' do what you will with the finished product you made it (payed for materials ect), Keep it, sell it, host a bonfire and sacrifice it to lord Cthulhu; just dont claim the pattern as your own. Additionally but not necessary you can always throw credit back to me I would love that.
      I would also love to see anything you make from my patterns it makes me happy to see how others get creative.