Monday, July 14, 2014

Its not a trope...

This monster is one the reasons I have trouble crocheting.

She is currently fixtated with light blue colored yarn any time I am working with it she parks herself on me, the wip, or some how gets the yarn wrapped around herself.

Meet Dayton.

She proves cats do indeed like to play with yarn.  BUT only when you are currently using it.  I tossed her my scrap yarn and she had no intrest in it at all.

Once I finish the big project I am working one I have a birthday gift lined up, and I need to make some Octos and Dragons for the MBG Japanese Festival, this year I am going to sell threw Animeggroll as MBG has out sourced their venders and not contacted me to make Amigurumi for them again.

Ok enough procrastination I am off to work on 'work'.

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