Friday, May 15, 2015

Mini Octo

I know I promised a while back to post a new octo pattern I was working on, and some how it just escaped my mind that I never actually uploaded it.   I am so sorry!!!

 The body of this guy is about 1/2 an inch, making it about 1 1/2 inches wide with its leggs splayed out around it.

So with some fingerling weight yarn (mine was actlly on the thin side) and a 2mm hook I made a cute small version of my popular octo pattern.

I have yet to add eyes because it was to tiny for the safety eyes I have on hand.  I have not got a chance to look for seed beads that may work with it.  Heck I might decide to go with just stitching some eyes on with crochet thread.

On to the pattern!!

1- MR sc 8 (8)
2- INC all (16)
3-5- sc all (16)
6-FLO, *dec, chain 12, dc 3 times in each chain st back up* repeat around ending with 8 legs.
7- BLO of round 6, dec all (8)

Stuff, for me it was less then a walnut sized amount of fluff.  Then using the LONG tail you left, weave it into the top of the stitchs and cinch the opening closed.

This patter does scale just as well with WW and a F hook but the resulting oct is closer to 1 inch in the body  3 inches wide counting the legs.  Yes its that short of a pattern only 7 rows

I will warn you working with the smaller hooks is not for everyone it is more tedious, so make sure you work in a well light area and stretch your hands between rows to prevent cramping.

H-Hippo Update April/May

I realize I never updated my progress (or procrastination) on my happypotomus.               

I have almost finished the whole of the body, I just need to put in the last 2 hex's  on the shoulders.  That is 26 motifs out of  44 finished so just over half way their!!       

I am now at the point where I know I hate the join method recommended in the pattern it leaves gaps between the DC's so I stared slst'ing into the blo instead of between the posts.  I am also of the mind that the chain starting ring method just doesn't look good as it also leaves that big gap, heck the spot in the peddles is smaller then the starting ring gap on nearly all of the motifs so I will defiantly next time do a double loop magic ring for the whole hippo-- for this one for symmetry I will stick with the chain ring.  I also think I will work the round after the peddles slightly different, with the long drop stitches, I think I would like it if I dropped all the way down to the first row instead of just around the peddle rows.

I really wish I had thought to get one ball with a bright contrasting color, like a sunset orange/pink as the colors I am useing feel like they blend to well and nothing stands out.