Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas gift for Wayne finished

     i8""8i                                ,dPYb,                              
     `8,,8'                                IP'`Yb                              
      `88'                            gg   I8  8I                              
      dP"8,                           ""   I8  8'                              
     dP' `8a  gg,gggg,      ,ggggg,   gg   I8 dP   ,ggg,    ,gggggg,    ,g,    
    dP'   `Yb I8P"  "Yb    dP"  "Y8ggg88   I8dP   i8" "8i   dP""""8I   ,8'8,   
_ ,dP'     I8 I8'    ,8i  i8'    ,8I  88   I8P    I8, ,8I  ,8'    8I  ,8'  Yb  
"888,,____,dP,I8 _  ,d8' ,d8,   ,d8'_,88,_,d8b,_  `YbadP' ,dP     Y8,,8'_   8) 
a8P"Y88888P" PI8 YY88888PP"Y8888P"  8P""Y88P'"Y88888P"Y8888P      `Y8P' "YY8P8P
 Below is the gift I have been working on for a while now for my Husband Wayne I realy hope he likes it!

,ggg,        gg                                                                       
dP""Y8b       88                                                                       
Yb, `88       88                                                                       
 `"  88       88                                                                       
     88"""""""88    ,gggg,gg  gg,gggg,    gg,gggg,    gg     gg                        
     88       88   dP"  "Y8I  I8P"  "Yb   I8P"  "Yb   I8     8I                        
     88       88  i8'    ,8I  I8'    ,8i  I8'    ,8i  I8,   ,8I                        
     88       Y8,,d8,   ,d8b,,I8 _  ,d8' ,I8 _  ,d8' ,d8b, ,d8I                        
     88       `Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8PI8 YY88888PPI8 YY88888PP""Y88P"888                       
                              I8          I8               ,d8I'                       
                              I8          I8             ,dP'8I                        
                              I8          I8            ,8"  8I                        
                              I8          I8            I8   8I                        
                              I8          I8            `8, ,8I                        
                              I8          I8             `Y8P"                         
 ,ggg,        gg                                                                       
dP""Y8b       88              ,dPYb,               8I                                  
Yb, `88       88              IP'`Yb               8I                                  
 `"  88       88              I8  8I  gg           8I                                  
     88aaaaaaa88              I8  8'  ""           8I                                  
     88"""""""88    ,ggggg,   I8 dP   gg     ,gggg,8I    ,gggg,gg  gg     gg    ,g,    
     88       88   dP"  "Y8gggI8dP    88    dP"  "Y8I   dP"  "Y8I  I8     8I   ,8'8,   
     88       88  i8'    ,8I  I8P     88   i8'    ,8I  i8'    ,8I  I8,   ,8I  ,8'  Yb  
     88       Y8,,d8,   ,d8' ,d8b,_ _,88,_,d8,   ,d8b,,d8,   ,d8b,,d8b, ,d8I ,8'_   8) 
     88       `Y8P"Y8888P"   8P'"Y888P""Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8P""Y88P"888P' "YY8P8P
                                                                     ,8"  8I           
                                                                     I8   8I           
                                                                     `8, ,8I           












Its a bit of a smash up of 3 different patterns none of them where exactuly what I was looking for so I pulled from many sorces and worked it up.  If he likes it I have plan's to make a dice bag Dalek!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving recipe

I made some sweet potato's to take down to my moms for thanksgiving.  She is on a no sugar diet so I had to be creative and could not go the old fashion route of brown sugar, butter, sweet potatoes, topped with marshmallows.  I had been kicking the idea of maple syrup bacon sweet potato's around in my head for a while and decided to go that route.  I use one large and one medium can of sweet potato's, drained and rinsed, Cary's sugar free low carb maple syrup, a pack of maple breakfast bacon pre cooked ( did this in the oven on a rack so it wouldn't sit in its own fat) and 2/3 of a package of pecans that where pre chopped.
I heated the potato's up in a microwave safe bowl for 4ish minutes on high.  I then used my mixer to whip them, and drizzled about a cup of syrup, I crumble 2/3 of the bacon in, then the pecans reserving a little for topping.  I then moved it over to my dish and topped it with remaining bacon crumbled and pecans.  
I did also set aside some "plain" non bacon/pecan sweet potato's in foil cup cake cups for the small kids and babies.  I hope they enjoy this dish.  If you make it I would love to see your pic's!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Pigglet Hat

This is a little baby pig aka piglet hat my mom asked me to make a while back.  Miss Jordan my niece is doing her best to sport it in her rebellious way.  I think it might be a bit small on her because her head is larger then the average for babies her age, she is just growing like a weed!  I do so hope she doesnt get to big for the booties I made her by Christmas!!!  If she does I might just have to do a bootie giveaway.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pumpkin Dog treats EASY

Ok so I had half a batch of the last dog treat dough left so I backed it off today!
After making them I wanted to bake up a batch of pumpkin ones, I call these Buddy's butt buddy's.  He has a lot of issues and to help with his butt irritation the vet told us to give him pumpkin so I figure baking up these treats would be a good way to dose him with out having a open can of pumpkin sitting in the frig for days.
Recpie is simple and I made it after looking at a ton of treat recpies that all seemed complicated when i just wanted something easy to mix up.  The tray of treats up top was only baked 15 minutes the one below was closer to 20-25 minutes.

Buddy's buddy treats
1 cup oat flour
1 cup rice flower
1 can pumkin (12oz)
1 medium egg  (if you only have large just add a able spoon more of each flour)
Mix all, roll out. Thinner will be more crunchy, thicker will have a softer center like a scone.  Bake at 350 for 15 to 25 minutes depending on how crunchy or soft you want them to be.





Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gift spoilers for B-Days and Christmas

So these are some of the things I have been working on lately.  They are all gifts for family so family if you are looking act surprised when I give it to you!


***There be Spoilers ahead***


The ever unfinished Fab Four.  For my mom.  I super suck at wire bending but I did my best to make glasses, and now they all have noses.  Still on the list to finishing them mouths, belts, jacket buttons, and ties.  Still fighting with myself over if I should make interments or not, and if I do should i make just the guitars or do I then have to make Ringo a drum set?

Here is what I am working on right now for my husband.  Any Doctor who fan's out there should know what this is with out an explanation, but for the non-whooviens I will explain.

There is this awesome British tv show called Doctor Who, its about a space and time traveling alien called simply called the Doctor, so you will offend hear people saying 'Doctor who?' when he is introduced.  One of his greatest enemy's are the Dalek's a race that the doctor at one point thought he killed off for the greater good of the universe.  This little crochet creation is going to be an old school version of the Dalek.  I still have a few rounds to go before I can stuff and put a bottom on him then work on his extremity's.  I think they will be the hardest parts to recreate.  He is going to be stuffed, but if the hubby likes him I might make an other  that he can use as a dice bag for all his gaming dice.

And last but by far not the leaset.  The project that gave me the MOST issues.  Probably because I was working on it while I had really bad vertigo.

The gift for my sister Christines birthday which is coming up on turkey day.  This is the project I had to keep unraveling because it just would NOT work up right.  I hope she loves it because it was one of the crochet items she had on her Pintrest list, and at that time I thought it would be the only thing I would be able to work up while the world was spinning around me *vertigo was bad*  I just cant believe how much trouble it gave me!! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dog bed update

Well I finally finished and stuffed pillows in both! Funny thing was while there was only one new pillow nether dog wanted to lay on it the both wanted to be on the new one.
Here is Chloe our black and white boxer mix and Buddy our beagle testing them out.  They seem to like them!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crochet felt doggy beds

Well as the title states, I am working on making two felt dog beds.  But since they are for the dogs I didn't want to have knotted fringe in case one of them *Chloe* decides to eat yet an other dog bed.  So I went and picked out some felt just so happens to match the same felt my sister made a throw cover out of as a Christmas gift a few years back.  Top side is a menagerie of dog breeds  while the bottom is black with white paw prints, I cut the 'fringe' shorter then you would for knot's and just folded over each fringe and put a small slit threw it to use as the loops for crocheting.  I just crochet a top to a bottom then working counter clockwise crochet back into a top then bottom and repeated till there was only one friend left, I cut that one in two and slid one half into the first loop hole and the other into the last and knotted it off.  It was hard making it becauce the only space big enough is the living room floor and the dogs think if your on the floor you want to play with them.  I hope they enjoy these beds.  Oh also it's just stuffed with two cheap $2.50 pillows, I made a small slit on the bottom going short ways to tuck them in sort of like an old school pillow case.

I used 1 yard of the doggie print and 1 yard of the paw print and 4 pillows to make two dog beds.... while technically only one is finished but the other will be done soon.  And if you want to do the crochet edges but dont have a hook just make the hole's a big wider and use your fingers to pull each fringe threw the others.

I like how these came out so much that I think I might try to make couch pillows out of felt with this crochet edging!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Doggie treats!

I baked some dog treats for the first time today.  The recipe I fallowed didn't work up like it described so I wound up winging it.  I call these pizza bones.  They are made from rice and oat flour with garlic, oregano, rosemary, ect.  I had planed on making a plain batch that I could separate to make lots of different flavors but the dough recipe came out way to dry to work with all the ideas I had so I just went with the one we thought the dog would really like.
And the dogs love them. They both had one and the just stair' at me for 20 minutes solid till I gave them an other.