Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving recipe

I made some sweet potato's to take down to my moms for thanksgiving.  She is on a no sugar diet so I had to be creative and could not go the old fashion route of brown sugar, butter, sweet potatoes, topped with marshmallows.  I had been kicking the idea of maple syrup bacon sweet potato's around in my head for a while and decided to go that route.  I use one large and one medium can of sweet potato's, drained and rinsed, Cary's sugar free low carb maple syrup, a pack of maple breakfast bacon pre cooked ( did this in the oven on a rack so it wouldn't sit in its own fat) and 2/3 of a package of pecans that where pre chopped.
I heated the potato's up in a microwave safe bowl for 4ish minutes on high.  I then used my mixer to whip them, and drizzled about a cup of syrup, I crumble 2/3 of the bacon in, then the pecans reserving a little for topping.  I then moved it over to my dish and topped it with remaining bacon crumbled and pecans.  
I did also set aside some "plain" non bacon/pecan sweet potato's in foil cup cake cups for the small kids and babies.  I hope they enjoy this dish.  If you make it I would love to see your pic's!

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