Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas gift for Wayne finished

     i8""8i                                ,dPYb,                              
     `8,,8'                                IP'`Yb                              
      `88'                            gg   I8  8I                              
      dP"8,                           ""   I8  8'                              
     dP' `8a  gg,gggg,      ,ggggg,   gg   I8 dP   ,ggg,    ,gggggg,    ,g,    
    dP'   `Yb I8P"  "Yb    dP"  "Y8ggg88   I8dP   i8" "8i   dP""""8I   ,8'8,   
_ ,dP'     I8 I8'    ,8i  i8'    ,8I  88   I8P    I8, ,8I  ,8'    8I  ,8'  Yb  
"888,,____,dP,I8 _  ,d8' ,d8,   ,d8'_,88,_,d8b,_  `YbadP' ,dP     Y8,,8'_   8) 
a8P"Y88888P" PI8 YY88888PP"Y8888P"  8P""Y88P'"Y88888P"Y8888P      `Y8P' "YY8P8P
 Below is the gift I have been working on for a while now for my Husband Wayne I realy hope he likes it!

,ggg,        gg                                                                       
dP""Y8b       88                                                                       
Yb, `88       88                                                                       
 `"  88       88                                                                       
     88"""""""88    ,gggg,gg  gg,gggg,    gg,gggg,    gg     gg                        
     88       88   dP"  "Y8I  I8P"  "Yb   I8P"  "Yb   I8     8I                        
     88       88  i8'    ,8I  I8'    ,8i  I8'    ,8i  I8,   ,8I                        
     88       Y8,,d8,   ,d8b,,I8 _  ,d8' ,I8 _  ,d8' ,d8b, ,d8I                        
     88       `Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8PI8 YY88888PPI8 YY88888PP""Y88P"888                       
                              I8          I8               ,d8I'                       
                              I8          I8             ,dP'8I                        
                              I8          I8            ,8"  8I                        
                              I8          I8            I8   8I                        
                              I8          I8            `8, ,8I                        
                              I8          I8             `Y8P"                         
 ,ggg,        gg                                                                       
dP""Y8b       88              ,dPYb,               8I                                  
Yb, `88       88              IP'`Yb               8I                                  
 `"  88       88              I8  8I  gg           8I                                  
     88aaaaaaa88              I8  8'  ""           8I                                  
     88"""""""88    ,ggggg,   I8 dP   gg     ,gggg,8I    ,gggg,gg  gg     gg    ,g,    
     88       88   dP"  "Y8gggI8dP    88    dP"  "Y8I   dP"  "Y8I  I8     8I   ,8'8,   
     88       88  i8'    ,8I  I8P     88   i8'    ,8I  i8'    ,8I  I8,   ,8I  ,8'  Yb  
     88       Y8,,d8,   ,d8' ,d8b,_ _,88,_,d8,   ,d8b,,d8,   ,d8b,,d8b, ,d8I ,8'_   8) 
     88       `Y8P"Y8888P"   8P'"Y888P""Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8P""Y88P"888P' "YY8P8P
                                                                     ,8"  8I           
                                                                     I8   8I           
                                                                     `8, ,8I           












Its a bit of a smash up of 3 different patterns none of them where exactuly what I was looking for so I pulled from many sorces and worked it up.  If he likes it I have plan's to make a dice bag Dalek!

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