Saturday, July 14, 2018


So I have not posted alot since April/Feb, most of that is due to the fact I have not been able to crochet.  I have finaly gotten to deal with my shoulder/arm/back issues and am hoping with the help of my PT I will be back to hooking soon.

In the mean time, what I have managed to get done, some things I bought, and a 2 week struggle to make something that should have taken me a day at worst.

 Got a set of light up rechargeable hooks off and I can not wait to use them for something.  They have a USB charging cable that came with them, and a nice fo-leather case.  If you can not tell, there are 2 brightness settings, and 9 interchangable hook heads.  I love that the handle is chunky like an ergo handle.
 In my last post you saw the single's I was spinning from this batt, well here is the 3ply I made from the single, still have a full 4 oz on a bobbin that needs plying, and 8 oz of batt that I just dont have enough bobbins to spin which is why I ply'd some up.  Its easier to use the EEW on my arm/shoulder then crochet but I still has some pain and had to take breaks.

 Modeling by Tracey, is a project that took me 2 weeks when it should have only taken a day or two at most.  I had one of those thin print summer scarfs with a batman motif that I love but I am not a summer scarf person.  So I wanted to come up with a way to still use it, and with a little googlefoo I found some photos of people turning scarfs like mine into a light summer vest/coverup, so I just copied the photo as best I could, it was simple being a pineapple motif in a racerback style that I thought was just too cute.

If you want to try making one, find a cute motif (it will help to chart it out) and take your scarf fold it in half and thats where the mid point of the motif should hit--I made the racerback as one piece before sewing it onto the scarf.  Once I got the back stitched on, I pinnned the straps to where I could easily get the vest on/off (ok I lie... I sewed them on eyeballing it messed up and had to pull my stitches out and properly line them up) before sewing them down (the second time).

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


 So I have been playing with my EEW mini.  I spun about 0.5oz on the bobbin.  I think my single is far more constant then when I use my Ladybug, or it could just be I have more skill from working with the wheel so adapting to the electric wheel was not as hard.  
My only complaints are the tension, it is not adjustable so I have to crank the speed up to get it to take up, and the power cable is super short had to order a extension cable so I dont have to sit on the floor next to an outlet to spin. 
This fiber had alot of small specs of other fiber randomly through out it that where felted creating some slubs that I think will even out if I ply this up.  I still have 1.5oz of this fiber left to spin.  I am spinning from batts which is also new for me.
I also show a photo of the single with a halls cough drop (normaly people use a small coin but I use whats handy) for size.

Monday, April 2, 2018


So a while back, I backed a kickstarter for a Mini Electric spinning wheel.  I will admit I did not think it would succeed but I  am more then excited about getting one!!
This wheel is TINY, and so light weight when I picked up the package I thought it was empty.  Its about the size of 2 buisness cards next to each other and as wide as one.
I have not got it spinning up yet, but I plan on trying it out tomorrow while I baby sit.  Right now I am going to try and make up a pattern for a bag to hold/travel with it in.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Some creativity.....

 So at some point between  mid December and January my crochet hook case with all my hooks (except those stuck with projects) disappeared.  So I finaly broke down and got a new set, that came with a case.  I have nothing against bright pink, but I really wanted to dress up the case so I used the soot spirit vinyl I made a while back on it.  I think once I find the Totoro I cut at the same time I will add it to the other side.

I am liking this case, I was able to slide a stitch holder pin into the tag on the case, and slide my 2 stitch counters that came with the set on the pin.  I wont loose my counter, and it will be easier to keep track of where I left off in a project, or when I am making a new one how many rows I am in.

Out side of that I have been trying to crochet a new fingerless mitt design with some lace weight yarn, and have been struggling with it.  As in I have frogged and reworked it a dozen times.  I am currently working up a ribbed band hoping this time I will like it and it will turn out.

Outside of crochet, I have made a few shirts!
I am a huge Firefly fan, so this first one is inspired by a Wash quote "I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar".  Its the Serenity silhouette on a leaf (suppost to look like its drifting in the wind).  This is the first project I made with foil, I love the shiny'ness of it.

This second one is a gift for my niece, I let her pick out a dragon to go onto a shirt for her.  I kind of wish I had cut the dragon a bit bigger but when I was working the design in the cricut software I didnt have the shirt yet to size it and was guesstimating.  I liked how all the small details in it worked out, she wanted shiny so I used the same gold foil.

The last shirt I did, is an other Firefly inspired design.  This one comes from one of Kaylee's favorite works 'Shiny'.   To make it more then just a shirt with wording on it, I made the
tittle a tiny Serenity, and used a font as close to the font used in the show.  I also gave it a bit of a distressed look to help match the font.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Just a quicky....

 A small project, that I could knock out quick to make me feel like I accomplished something.

These where made from the same ball of yarn, Lion Brand Mandala in Gnome, the right was started from a center pull end and the left was from the outside end.  I did it that way so I could get both mitts started with the same color.

If there is an interest I will put out the pattern for these, at the moment its just a chart I scribbled and some short hand notes.  I have been seeing mitts like these show up all over in my social media threads and thought I would give making some a try, but didnt fancy any of the patterns available that I could find.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Long time...

So I know you have not seen much from me over these winter months and I am sorry about that.  Some time in November I developed pain in my middle, ring, and pinky fingers on my dominate hand from 'excess' use aka crocheting a butt load of ami's for the ResoBox event and Christmas gifts.

I have been trying not to do much crochet, and when I do pick up a hook I make sure there is at least a day's break between picking it up again.  Right now my hand no longer hurts, but those last three fingers do feel stiff and a little clumsy when holding a hook.

Now all the said, I have been working off and on, on two projects, and fiddling with an idea for a 3rd that I did wind up scrapping.  I will start off talking about the scrapped idea.  My mom is getting married (!!!!) and I wanted to do something to help with the wedding, I am only good at a few things and my first thought was to make her a beaded shawl, I had already started on it and was about 16 inches unblocked into it (if I blocked it it would open up alot its a Solomon Knot lace) when it was pointed out that the wedding will be in June during one of my states most famous heat waves item so I nixed the project and instead helped her design her wedding invitations because I am also good with photoshop/design.

I made myself a cardigan just free handing it, worked it all in one piece (so I did not have to sew any part of it!!!).  No pattern was used but if interest in it is show I can surly write up what I did as it was a simple shell stitch almost like the granny stitch worked into a ribbed band.  To avoid sewing I croched the seams of the shoulders shut in such a way that it lead right into working the sleeves.

Besides that I am also working on a 'lantern' or 'ornament' motif blanket.  I was inspired by the shawl pattern kit written by Janie Crow (Jane Crowfoot).  My version is not nearly as intricate, as I am not using one of her kits, I am only using 6 colors instead of the 13 color pallet used in her patterns.  With my color options I can fit 5 motifs in a row with out doubling up on the last round colors (unless I am  not paying attention) so I have a excell sheet all set up with my color combos so I can try and get every combo possible before I start getting repeats.  I work 5 motifs then do a join round so I wont have motifs stacked everywhere or getting lost.  I am a little dispointed by the purple I choose its not as vibrant as the other colors.

One thing I am really excited about is not crochet related but still crafty ~~ I got a Cricut for Christmas!!  I have already made up 3 tumblers (like the yeti cups) with vinyl images.  I cut 4 more vinyls for gifts for Christmas (yes I know I opened my gift early to use it).  I just got in some HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and have already started work on making a V-day gift shirt for my husband featuring Darkwing Duck, and a Fairy Tail shirt for me!!  I am so excited to make my own designs on shirts, being a plus size gal we don't get many options and this opens up a lot of ideas.  I made a special purchase from The Rhinestone World for their Magic Foil just because of a video showing how to make an EASY distressed look (at the 20 min mark) for a design that you can do with multiple colors if you so choose.

Here you can see the 4 designs I made for my sis and brother in law.  I started with a moogle, then a very simple mage, then a Jack Skellington (a bit of a pain to weed his mouth out), and lastly a more detailed black mage.

Below that are 2 pieces I made for myself.  I did a Fairy Tail emblem for my laptop, and I made a ball of yarn with crochet hooks for my phones Otter Bot case.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Flying in just in time for Christmas

Pterodacty, done free handed.  As requested by my demanding niece.  She picked out the yarn and told me exactly how to make it, blue wings green body.