Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Current WIP

So I am currently, very slowly working on a Lacy Wrap it will be slow going with both my shoulders acting up.  I am using the light up hook my MIL got me for christmas and the Chroma Lace weight 'Groovy' yarn.

The pattern is one of Marly Birds, I am fallowing the 'free' version (she has a pdf with chart version with out ad's as well), there are some questionable areas where things should be explained better, or whats said is not what is shown. So far I am getting a big of bunching up/rippling which I think comes from the straight edge start before going into the ripple work.  I am hoping when its blocked that will go away.  Also she uses a linked HDC but the description for working it does not match the video she tells you to watch to learn how to do it, basically fallow the video but work into the middle loop instead of the one shown in the video and you get close to what she wrote -- but in the end I just wound up working HDC as doing the linked HDC did not really show much of a difference in look or structure.  

All in all, the pattern looks super cute, and I am hoping it will be a good distraction for a while.

If you dont hear from me for a while its due to health, and grieving the loss of my baby girl Chloe.
She started having seizures right before Christmas, and after new years we found out it was cancer and the seizures started coming to often and none of the medications we tried helped and we had to let her go.   She was our best girl, the sweetest dog, and gave us so much love.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shoulder updates

So a short update, I am on my 2nd round of shots.  This round did show a noticeable different but the pain is coming back.  I also just restarted Physical Therapy, and it HURTS but I am hoping it will help.  I will be going back to the Ortho at the end of this month, possibly for more shots.  After a long talk with the PT, I am looking at 1 to possibly 2 years worth of work before my shoulder will be back to its peak -- which might not be the shape it was in before it was hurt (which sucks).

Good news -- I have been given the go ahead for light to moderatly light crochet work, for short periods of time.  I was told not to push or stress my shoulder/arm so I am looking at only easy basic projects.

Now that that is all said, crochet news!  I am working on a new fingerless mitt pattern, the involves a faux knit ribbed cuffs, and square 'windows' for some breathablity.  I will be working up the testing mitt but it will take me a while as I am going slow which is so hard for me. 

Share photos of your favorit projects to help cheer me up!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Fur-glue drying
 Ok so I am sitting here with my heating pad cranked up on my shoulder.

Why, well because I wanted to test out my plan's.  I though only crocheting 10 stitches by 3 rows wouldn't hurt to much.  But I was wrong I guess, I didn't take into account brushing out the yarn and flat ironing it might strain my shoulder as well.

I am happy I tested it out.  I need to get a new slicker brush what I have seems to eat up and snarl 1/2 the fiber. 

So on to what I did to test my ideas on how to attach brushed yarn fur to the main body of my crochet.  I got some fabric glue, that claimed to work on multipul fabric types, and stretch with the fabric when dry.  I started by measuring out a few loops of yarn, about 10, and tying them all together and snipping the bottom to make a sort of tassel.  Which I then brushed the heck out of, and took a low head flat iron for hair and ran the brushed yarn through.  I made sure to alternate between brushing and using the flat iron till I had the fur like consultancy I was happy with.

First I took my fur and snipped 1/3 of it from the bottom making sure to hold it firm just below cutting.  Then I used some painters tape to hold that raw edge just long enough that I could add the fabric glue along the top 1/8th inch raw edge that I just cut.  I used a scrap piece of paper to smooth the glue out, moving from just below the glue pushing to the raw edge.  I let that sit long enough to firm up enough to remove it from the tape then glued it to my small swatch, upside down so when the glue was almost dry but still tacky I flipped the hair over and patted it down hiding the glue seem.

Now at this point, I was kicking myself thinking this would be a ton of work especially if I have to wait for each small strip to dry up before I can work on adding more to a project.  Thats when I rembered I still have my felting needle, just took 20 minutes of digging to find it and I was good to test out my new idea.
I chopped off some more fur, and pinned it to the top of the swatch, and went stab happy (WARNING be very careful when using a felting needle the barbs on it will make a nasty gagged rip in your finger/hand) trying to felt the fur strands to the swatch.

Now that all being said, glue was a waste of time, after it was dry I went to run my fingers through the fur only to have the strip of fur detach from the swatch with almost no force or pulling.  I tried the same with the felted, and it held up mostly, only a few strands slipped out and I think that can be chalked up to my not spending enough time felting at it.  I only had a 1 needle stabber going over this so it was easy to miss, or 1/2 felt spots.  I think felting is the way I will go but I am going to see about getting a multi needle felter when I start the Falcor project.

Oh also I decided on trying to use some sequined edging for the strip of scales that goes down his backside, I will have to sew the strip by hand but its a little less work then trying to crochet with sequins and keep a clean straight line.

The more work, and testing I do the more I realize making a Falcor will be a very time consuming and difficult project.  I know the hair alone just brushing out enough of it will take days not to mention felting it into the body.   Then there is the hand stitching needed to attach the sequins, the wire armature so he is poseable, and lastly actually writing and crocheting (testing) a pattern. 

I am thinking no one will probably buy it for the price I will be asking, because I know I will be putting a butt ton of hours into it even being a fast crocheter I expect this to take me a month to 2 months start to finish once my shoulder is back in working order that is.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Updates and stuff...

So I have seen an orthopedic doctor about my shoulder finally (well a week or so ago).  He said the soft pad between my arm bone, and shoulder bone is the issue.  Its as hard as a rock, instead of being elastic like rubber bands.  I had myself a panic attack while he gave me some shots that are suppose to help, although he did say it could take some time (ie hours/days/weeks) to show improvement.  So far I do not see any difference in range of motion or pain.
I am going back to see him again in 3 weeks, and will most likely need to get more shots.  I have been told to go easy on my shoulder movement (that was after 3 weeks of physical therapy with no improvement) so I have been doing other things like drawing that dont require the use of my shoulder. 
I really miss doing crochet, so since I cant right now I am plotting out making something for when my shoulder is working again.
This is something I was requested through a friend, but every time I try to contact the requester I always get voice mail.  Despite that this is something I am really interested in making anyways.
Yes that is a badly drawn Falcor from Neverending Story drawn by me.  Its going to be my inspiration for making the crochet version.
They way I am thinking of doing this will be very different from anything else I have done.  Falcor has scales along the spine of his back, and long fur.  So I am thinking possibly sequins along the spine for scales, and brushing out some long strands of yarn to turn into 'fur' that I will have to find some way to attach, I was thinking making locks of the fur and using fabric glue to attach it to the main body.  Before even attempting it I need to do a glue swatching, gluing 'fur' to a small swatch of crochet fabric.  Then I will see what works, what doesn't work, and what looks good of what does work.   Before getting to far into the project and finding out my plan might not work well I want to make sure its feesable.   If any of you know of a good glue that works well on acrylic yarn that drys clear or semi clear and flexible please let me know.  The other idea, sequins, I am having a hard time finding ones that I think look right, they need to be iridescent and a pale pink/peach color.  I am also struggling with should I get sequins I have to sew on indevidualy, get edging strips (I have not seen any yet I think would work) of sequins, or get sequined fabric (which would leave me with extra fabric, and the price is insane). 
That being said I hope I can get back into crocheting soon.  I will be missing out on this years ResoBox Amigurumi Exhibit, and there will most likely be no crochet Christmas gifts either.

Friday, August 10, 2018


You guys might have seen this pattern floating around on Facebook, I got a request to make one. 

It took me a while working off an on (due to pain) but he is finaly finished!!

Now this is not my octo pattern, I worked it up from a photo I was given but if you guys want to make your own there is a pattern for it, for sale, over on etsy.  LilCrochetLove is the orginal pattern designer, and she even sells kits with almost everything you would need to make your own.  Since the pattern is very basic (aka beginer lvl) it should be super easy for anyone to work up.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


So I have not posted alot since April/Feb, most of that is due to the fact I have not been able to crochet.  I have finaly gotten to deal with my shoulder/arm/back issues and am hoping with the help of my PT I will be back to hooking soon.

In the mean time, what I have managed to get done, some things I bought, and a 2 week struggle to make something that should have taken me a day at worst.

 Got a set of light up rechargeable hooks off and I can not wait to use them for something.  They have a USB charging cable that came with them, and a nice fo-leather case.  If you can not tell, there are 2 brightness settings, and 9 interchangable hook heads.  I love that the handle is chunky like an ergo handle.
 In my last post you saw the single's I was spinning from this batt, well here is the 3ply I made from the single, still have a full 4 oz on a bobbin that needs plying, and 8 oz of batt that I just dont have enough bobbins to spin which is why I ply'd some up.  Its easier to use the EEW on my arm/shoulder then crochet but I still has some pain and had to take breaks.

 Modeling by Tracey, is a project that took me 2 weeks when it should have only taken a day or two at most.  I had one of those thin print summer scarfs with a batman motif that I love but I am not a summer scarf person.  So I wanted to come up with a way to still use it, and with a little googlefoo I found some photos of people turning scarfs like mine into a light summer vest/coverup, so I just copied the photo as best I could, it was simple being a pineapple motif in a racerback style that I thought was just too cute.

If you want to try making one, find a cute motif (it will help to chart it out) and take your scarf fold it in half and thats where the mid point of the motif should hit--I made the racerback as one piece before sewing it onto the scarf.  Once I got the back stitched on, I pinnned the straps to where I could easily get the vest on/off (ok I lie... I sewed them on eyeballing it messed up and had to pull my stitches out and properly line them up) before sewing them down (the second time).

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


 So I have been playing with my EEW mini.  I spun about 0.5oz on the bobbin.  I think my single is far more constant then when I use my Ladybug, or it could just be I have more skill from working with the wheel so adapting to the electric wheel was not as hard.  
My only complaints are the tension, it is not adjustable so I have to crank the speed up to get it to take up, and the power cable is super short had to order a extension cable so I dont have to sit on the floor next to an outlet to spin. 
This fiber had alot of small specs of other fiber randomly through out it that where felted creating some slubs that I think will even out if I ply this up.  I still have 1.5oz of this fiber left to spin.  I am spinning from batts which is also new for me.
I also show a photo of the single with a halls cough drop (normaly people use a small coin but I use whats handy) for size.