Wednesday, October 16, 2019


I am still crocheting, just going at it very slowly!!
This is my current progress on the Falcor project.  It takes forever to brush out the yarn and felt it in, been working on it for 3 hours today and only got about an inch worth of the belly done.
Out side of this, I am doing Inktober -- but in cats.  Its keeping my creativty going.

I know this is a short post but I have not posted in a while and wanted to do an update.

Friday, August 23, 2019

A little creativity non fiber related + Lowcarb cake at the end

So one of the things I can do with out alot of pain (still get pain if I do it to long) is draw.

I had been watching a lot of videos lately on drawing, while taking a break from doing all the long and very tedious felting on my Falcor project.

It seemed like everyone was playing around with Posca paint markers, and shrink film.  So I wanted to do the same.  This is my first test batch  of keychain/zipper pulls.

In the first image is the unbaked pieces, and a six inch ruler.  The second image is of the baked pieces with the same ruler to show the shrinkage.

I baked them at 300 (the package says 300-350) for two minutes.  There was a ton of curling, and Deadpool had flipped completely over by the time I pulled them out.  I did have to press them flat from some curling,  Deadpool also kept a bit of concaveness if I had a heat gun I might be able to blast him and press again to get him flatter since I dont want to reheat the oven for it.  The right edge of the pokeball also curled in some what and I just wasn't able to uncurl it where it touched itself but it still came out nice.  Also Pikachu's eye shine did not seem to shrink at all making his eyes look almost all white, not sure what happened there as the white for Deadpool eyes shrunk nicely.  Happy's foot snapped off while I was pressing on that piece which means if I do more pieces with smaller details I need to leave some of the clear around  them like I did with the whiskers.  Happy also did not shrink as well as the other pieces, but he was the largest, and possibly should have been left in longer -- learning lesson for me. He is a bit wavy and after snapping on foot off I didn't feel like I could finish pressing him till flat without damaging him more.

Out of them all I am loving how the Hyrule Shield turned out it has a bit of buckling to it but it came out just as I had thought it would.

Now that they had cooled off, I wanted to seal the painted face's with mod podge.  That was a mistake. 

I did not realize it right away as the mod podge I use is opaque while wet, but the black, and the yellow both reactivated when the MP went on smearing them both.

Its not as obvious on the shield but I did the Pikachu first and some of the yellow transferred over.  Luckily non of the other colors on the shield seemed to bleed.

Deadpool is taking quite a while to dry, but it looks like he did bleed over a bit as well which is sad, I was pretty happy with him.  The black was the only part that smeared all over.

Outside of that I am also baking a cake today -- its my Hubbys birthday!! 
Its a low carb vanilla cake, they fell just a bit while cooling, but I am hoping they are tasty.  I used a keto pancake mix (1cup) as a sub for sugar and 1/2 of the flour, coconut flour (1/4 cup), real butter (1/3 cup),  4 eggs, 1 vanila bean scrapings (as well as a few splashes on extract), 1 box sugar free vanilla pudding mix, and 5 splashes of milk (till the batter looked 'right'). 
I mixed all the wet +vanilla scrapings+pudding, then shifted in the dry and threw it into a 350F oven for 25 minutes, it two 6in round backing pans lined with parchment paper on  the bottom, and sprayed with coconut oil on the sides.
I plan on icing the outside with a Cool Whip+SF Pudding mix, I plan on putting a layer of SF strawberry preserves between the layers.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Finaly finished!!

So 3 skeins of chroma, and roughly 6 months of working on it through the pain, and its finished.
Its been storming off and on for the past few days so I did a photo inside, the colors are a bit washed out but there was nothing I could do about that.  Its way more vibrate, but I am happy with it and glad I have finished it.

Now I will just have to focus on working on my Falkor.  I have done so much brushing of yarn that I feel like I have breathed in yarn fluff any time I get my kit out that I have been keeping the project in.
I am currently up to felting fur onto his rear legs, and along the sequin section on his back I will update on it when I have made more progress.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Stabby stab stab...

 Day one of felting....
That was about 3/4 hours of brushing ironing and stabbing.  I got in a nice felting kit, and a new slicker brush that are making this go faster.  The leather finger/thumb covers have saved me from repeated stabbings (stab count 1 so far).
 Day... um I forget 3 maybe?  Tons more brushing and stabing and brushing, and more stabbing.

As seen from above, I am felting from the tail tip up towards the face.  My felting needle has spear'd a few of the sequins causing them to burst in half and fly at my face. 

I am almost out of brushed yarn to felt so I am stopping here.  I will need to measure out more yarn loop it on one of my sticks to brush it out and flat iron it smooth.

Yes I am using disposable chopsticks to secure the yarn to for brushing and flat ironing so far it holds up well and keeps my fingers away from the really hot flat iron (burns so far 0).

Sorry for the messy work space pic's, my desk tops black laqaurd top pealed off and I havednt finished making it look arty with scribbles, or sealed it against water/liquid.  BUT thats a project for an other day.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Finaly got started on this....

So I have been toying with this idea for a Falkor for a while, as someone requested it but even after reaching out to them I have not heard back from them.  BUT as a fan of Never Ending Story the idea stuck with me, when I was in to much pain to crochet I would jot out notes for it, scrible down possible patterns, what might work best on the scales and fur ect.

I have the base made, now I just have to cover it in fur.  Which means I am going to be brushing out and flat ironing a ton of yarn.  Then felting for days to get it all onto the base.

I know it doesnt look like much yet but one the fur is laid down it should start to show some personality.  I just need to get my hands on a slicker brush (find the one I own or buy a new one).

Monday, April 22, 2019

Some amigurumis!!

 Here are some of the amigurumi's I have been trying to crank out to take into Animeggroll.

I got 3 of my small octo's done, used a chunky dark teal for the first one, and normal ww for the second two in random blues.

I tried my hand at making a bat like creature, and a weird water dinosaur like monster.  I finished it all off with something I havent worked up in a while, a Chibi Cthulhu. 

I am still working slowly, so sorry for not making post more regularly I just wanted to wait till I had a selection of amigurumi before making a post.

I am also still working away on that shawl I am working on it chroma, almost killed off my 2nd skein which means I am going to have to dig out the last 3rd skein which should finish it off.

This whole working slow is not easy.  I have been doing about 2 rows on the shawl every other day and an amigurumi every here or there.  I have a hard time when doing ami's right now because I am compelled to finish them in one go.  I dont have the temperament to leave a small piece unfinished and push through the pain to get it done.

I think out of all of these, I loved working on the bat the most.  I did the wings a bit differently then I have done them on any of my other pieces and I think I really like it and will do the wings like them more often. 

I really like how the water dino turned out but I am not sure about the yarn I picked for it, I didnt realize it had some of those darker toned colors in it (specifically the swampy green) I liked the pastel rainbow colors that where in it.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

WIP Update on Chevron Waves Lacy Wrap

I have made it all the way through one full showing of the colorway, and am about 1/2 into the next repeat.  Got about 12 inches of work completed -- which for me is painful mentally to be progressing this slowly; but is preventing it from being painful physically if I went at it like I would normally have before shoulder issues.

I fear I will not finish this till mid summer.  Or even later.