Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days when for some reason you just couldn't do the most simple task?  The last few days have been like that for me.  I am working on an other birthday gift this one for my sister, that is coming up sooner then my moms and I get about 2000 to 3000 stitches in and have to unravel the WHOLE thing because I just cant seem to do the most basic shaping correctly. The first time it went all wobbly so I just assumed i over increased but I didn't see that when I unraveled.  Second time even though I wasn't increasing the shape was increasing.....  I have re-work this first 2K/3K about four times now and I think I have finally got it!!  Still need a few more rows before I can tell if it is going to look right *sigh*.  She better love it when its finished. 

Maybe I have just being crocheting to much and need a 24 brake?

Speaking of the Beatles dolls..... I have kind of put them out of sight and forgot about them >.> now I am dreading going over the to nose/mouth or not to nose/mouth question.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finished Boots for Miss Jordan!!

I was out and about today.  Can  you believe that Michel's craft store doesn't carry buttons? I walked the whole store 3 times and no employees even asked if I needed help until I was walking out the door.
 Wound up going to four stores before I found the perfic buttons to finish off Miss Jordans Boots.  But the good news is I now know of a good strip mall that has 3 stores in it all related to sewing and crafts they are called Kirkwood Knittery, The Right Fit, and Sew it Seams. Just after the intersection of N Kirkwood Rd and Manchester (10724 Manchester Rd, St Louis, MO 63122)  I got these buttons from Sew it Seams for only $2.08!!
 They are heart shaped thin pieces of shell that feel as light as a feather and have a beautiful pearl like shimmer to them.  BTW the color in the close up is the accurate color of the yarn for some reason my camera makes it look more yellow then it really is unless I am right one top of what ever I am shooting.

Oh if only I was rich.... I would have bought so much stuff from each of them, they all had items I wanted but I have no current need/use/money for.

Eeek now that these are finished I have to go back to my Beatles delema -.-

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sneak Peak 97% Finished

I thought I would post a peak at how the boot is going.
This one should be the left boot it still needs some finishing touches like the button closure and weaving in some tails.  I need to get someone to model these for me in better lighting my dark little corner does not do them justice, then again neither does my cell phone camera. 

Now I am off to decode my scribbles so I can rewrite them for a right boot!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Project WIP- Kicking boots for Jordan!

 I know I said I wouldnt start on an other personal project untill I finished 'The Beatles' but.... come on these are gonna be so cute when they're finished!!

I am writing the pattern as I go so when I make the second one it will look the same.  Working with 'Love this Yarn' in toasted almond. 

So far I have the base of the boot finished just have to make the wrap-a-round boot leg.
If these do not fit Miss Jordan I will probably throw them up for sale before trying to make an other pair so I can purchase more yarn!!

This boot is approximately 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide (at the toe, the heel is about 2in) the ankle circumference is roughly 6 inches round and is stretchy enough to adjust for a wider foot/ankle.

When they are finished they will wrap around the ankle and button shut.  They should be easy enough to slide on and off without having to unbutton but just in case the options will be nice if you need to put them on over bulky or frilly socks.

The Beatles WIP... or is it?

I am not sure if this is how I am going to leave them. I have an idea for nose's but if I do that idea there will not be room for a mouth.  So the biggest questions weighing on my mind right now is to nose or not to nose, to mouth or not to mouth or go with it as is.  I have a ton of tiny details i want to do but multiplet it by 4 and I feel like its to much work and might make it look over worked.  My only other concern is do I need to put glasses on one of them?  And if so which one?!!?  Left to right who I tried to make them look like--- The guy who married the asain lady, the one I can never rember, Paul, Ringo.

Things I want to make but think will make them look even more bulky then they already are--
Ties,  betls, fingers and thumbs which I know would not turn out well, a guitar, bass, a mic and some sort of drum set with sticks, mouth, noses, ears.... I think I am goiong to stop my ramblings here.

What do you think, should I attempt nose's and mouths or just do one or the other or neither?

Friday, October 19, 2012

More Chibi Cthulhu''s

After my last round of chibis cthulhu's sold so quickly out at Animeggroll I decided to make a few more.  Since their anniversary is coming up this weekend they will be having a party out at the store as well as raffling off prizes and screening an anime.

I went with a green one which is my fallback 'safe' color and a orange one.  I do think if  I made a white coat for the orange one it might just look like a Zodberg what do you think?

I think I need to adjust my pattern for it again, original I was working it in two pieces then adding the tenticals and arms.  Now I am trying out a new  way of working it all in one so there is less to having to sew together which is less wasted yarn.  I think I need to make the bottom half a few rows longer and when I stuff I need to find a way to weight the bottom because these guys fall over to easy.  Nothing like standing in the middle of the store poking a chibi cthulhu in the butt to make it stand up straight!

*Sigh* Me and my impulse buying >,> instead of waiting for the great discount prices during their party this weekend I saw some Fairy Tail pins and I had to buy them so no one else could have them.

If your a St Louis local please stop by Animeggroll this weekend @ 9254 Watson Road, Crestwood Mo, 63126  Its just across from the old Crestwood mall it shares a parking lot with Aldi's and Zen.

~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Wow in just one night the green Chibi Cthulhu already sold!  It makes me happy to know people enjoy them!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bookmarks and procrastination

I don't know about you, but it seems like I horde bookmarks.   I am going threw my list trying to organize them and I have no idea what half of them where marked fore.   >.<   

I seem to have bookmarked a lot of crochet sites that sadly no longer exist so I think know if I see a pattern I like instead of bookmarking it I need to download or copy it even if I don't think I will make it right away.  

I am using my bookmark mess as a excuse to procrastinate working on the Beatles dolls, the farther along I get with them the more and more I dislike how they are turning out.  I told myself that I can not start on an other personal project till I finish them.  So I am putting off making a Christmas present for my niece and other birthday's related gifts.  

I just hope I don't forget what I want to make her I have a cute idea for crochet boots.  I saw a few on pin crest but they where $35 so I thought to myself why not just make up a pattern myself.  It cant be to hard I already made a baby flip flop pattern I could use that as my base and work up from there.



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hush hush birthday gift for mom WIP

I finnaly got the blank dolls done!  I just need to make them wigs still need to decide if I want to do it out of yarn or felt.  I have to pick which one is going to get what color jacket.  Was thinking of doing Dark blue for George, Red on Ringo, Green or Yellow for John, and Light blue for Paul.  Still have alot of work to go they are only about half finished.  I got to make belts, ties, hands, sleaves with shirt cuffs, jacket, jacket collar, shirt collars, and finaly finish up the faces with eyes and noses and mouths!!

Egads now that I wrote it all out that's a lot of work.  If your wondering I made the pattern up for these dolls as I went along.  If enough interest is shown for the finished item I might type it out and put it up for sale for like $1 or just charge $60 for the four of them if you want me to do all the work!

Halloween OctoJelly

So the last time I saw my niece she was captivated by the bottle of orange soda I was drinking.  Her eyes light up and fallowed it when ever it was in her line of sight.  So I am convened for right now her favorite color is Orange!!  So I made her a bright orange octojelly with triangle eyes to give it a Halloween theme.  Once again my camera from my cell phone does the color no justice.   The main body has been finished for a while I just didnt felt eyes on till today because I am lazy, and I knew my sis wouldnt be coming over any time soon to get it. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Abandoned Amigurumi Commisions

So I have had a few of these guys just sitting around.  Its one of those situations where someone asked me to make them an item and we talked about it and then I made it and shot them pictures and they said they loved it.  I got back with each commissioner with in the week, and a 2 week check up as well but now I have had some of these items since May >.<

 Only one person ever got back to me about 2 months later to get one of the Chibi Cthulhu's but these guys all seem to have been abandoned.  Which upsets me, I love making them, and I love the reactions when the people actually get them even more. 

I am giving notice and at the end of the day (6 or7 central time) they will be up for sale to whom ever wants to give one of these critters a new home.

Pictured here left to right:  White Llama, Chibi Pink Luvulhu (a love cthulhu), Blue octo, Chibi Green Cthulhu, and a Turkish Van Kittie Kat with a white bow/collar.    All but the llama are sporting plastic safty eyes that are child safe, the llama has black felt eyes, felted on which are also child safe.

I am asking $10+$5S&H (Inside the continent of US) or if you are over seas or in Hawaii or Alaska the S&H will very as it cost more in postage I would have to get it calculated for anyone who requests a S&H quote outside of the 48 land locked states (S&H covers the cost of the postage and the packaging)    If your local (STL) and willing to meet to pick the item up S&H is waived!

Oh I am also making bento box straps for AnimEggRoll you can see my first trail one in the picture  above for now they are just a simple yellow ribbon strap with a velcro clasp.   My trail one has worked well so far so I am going to make a few more to take over to the store with all the abandoned critters.  Do not worry if someone wants one of these tiny lovable creatures I can always pick it up from the store for you if it hasn't sold.  If your a St Louis Missouri local you can always swing by the shop and check out these guys in person!

A little about the safety eyes I use.  They are plastic and have a 'shanked stem' on the 'eye' so when the 'washer' or the backing is attached to it from the inside of the toy it secures the eye in place.  Once the washer is attached to the shank it can not be removed with out a lot of force or a tool being used.  Short of cutting the shank with wire cutters or cutting up the toy itself the eyes should never fall out.  I always double and triple check before stuffing that the eyes are properly secured.

*UPDATE*  Both Cthulhu's have found new forever homes!!