Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bookmarks and procrastination

I don't know about you, but it seems like I horde bookmarks.   I am going threw my list trying to organize them and I have no idea what half of them where marked fore.   >.<   

I seem to have bookmarked a lot of crochet sites that sadly no longer exist so I think know if I see a pattern I like instead of bookmarking it I need to download or copy it even if I don't think I will make it right away.  

I am using my bookmark mess as a excuse to procrastinate working on the Beatles dolls, the farther along I get with them the more and more I dislike how they are turning out.  I told myself that I can not start on an other personal project till I finish them.  So I am putting off making a Christmas present for my niece and other birthday's related gifts.  

I just hope I don't forget what I want to make her I have a cute idea for crochet boots.  I saw a few on pin crest but they where $35 so I thought to myself why not just make up a pattern myself.  It cant be to hard I already made a baby flip flop pattern I could use that as my base and work up from there.




  1. I too had this problem. So I started to not only copy the patterns and save them in my Google Docs but I also re-post patterns on my own blog when the site is gone. I give credit to the original author and the original website in hopes it will let other people find the patterns. Of course, if the original author would ask me to remove it I would, but I like to think they might appreciate keeping their patterns alive.

    1. Oh that is a very good idea! I think I might start asking the sites where I find really cute patterns if they would allow me to re-post with all credits and a link back. Making a cross promotion page or some such!

      You should back up your Google Doc's I head they where going to do away with it and replace it with 'Google Drive' which is there version of 'The Cloud'