Friday, October 19, 2012

More Chibi Cthulhu''s

After my last round of chibis cthulhu's sold so quickly out at Animeggroll I decided to make a few more.  Since their anniversary is coming up this weekend they will be having a party out at the store as well as raffling off prizes and screening an anime.

I went with a green one which is my fallback 'safe' color and a orange one.  I do think if  I made a white coat for the orange one it might just look like a Zodberg what do you think?

I think I need to adjust my pattern for it again, original I was working it in two pieces then adding the tenticals and arms.  Now I am trying out a new  way of working it all in one so there is less to having to sew together which is less wasted yarn.  I think I need to make the bottom half a few rows longer and when I stuff I need to find a way to weight the bottom because these guys fall over to easy.  Nothing like standing in the middle of the store poking a chibi cthulhu in the butt to make it stand up straight!

*Sigh* Me and my impulse buying >,> instead of waiting for the great discount prices during their party this weekend I saw some Fairy Tail pins and I had to buy them so no one else could have them.

If your a St Louis local please stop by Animeggroll this weekend @ 9254 Watson Road, Crestwood Mo, 63126  Its just across from the old Crestwood mall it shares a parking lot with Aldi's and Zen.

~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Wow in just one night the green Chibi Cthulhu already sold!  It makes me happy to know people enjoy them!!

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