Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finished Boots for Miss Jordan!!

I was out and about today.  Can  you believe that Michel's craft store doesn't carry buttons? I walked the whole store 3 times and no employees even asked if I needed help until I was walking out the door.
 Wound up going to four stores before I found the perfic buttons to finish off Miss Jordans Boots.  But the good news is I now know of a good strip mall that has 3 stores in it all related to sewing and crafts they are called Kirkwood Knittery, The Right Fit, and Sew it Seams. Just after the intersection of N Kirkwood Rd and Manchester (10724 Manchester Rd, St Louis, MO 63122)  I got these buttons from Sew it Seams for only $2.08!!
 They are heart shaped thin pieces of shell that feel as light as a feather and have a beautiful pearl like shimmer to them.  BTW the color in the close up is the accurate color of the yarn for some reason my camera makes it look more yellow then it really is unless I am right one top of what ever I am shooting.

Oh if only I was rich.... I would have bought so much stuff from each of them, they all had items I wanted but I have no current need/use/money for.

Eeek now that these are finished I have to go back to my Beatles delema -.-

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