Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hush hush birthday gift for mom WIP

I finnaly got the blank dolls done!  I just need to make them wigs still need to decide if I want to do it out of yarn or felt.  I have to pick which one is going to get what color jacket.  Was thinking of doing Dark blue for George, Red on Ringo, Green or Yellow for John, and Light blue for Paul.  Still have alot of work to go they are only about half finished.  I got to make belts, ties, hands, sleaves with shirt cuffs, jacket, jacket collar, shirt collars, and finaly finish up the faces with eyes and noses and mouths!!

Egads now that I wrote it all out that's a lot of work.  If your wondering I made the pattern up for these dolls as I went along.  If enough interest is shown for the finished item I might type it out and put it up for sale for like $1 or just charge $60 for the four of them if you want me to do all the work!

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