Friday, October 5, 2012

Abandoned Amigurumi Commisions

So I have had a few of these guys just sitting around.  Its one of those situations where someone asked me to make them an item and we talked about it and then I made it and shot them pictures and they said they loved it.  I got back with each commissioner with in the week, and a 2 week check up as well but now I have had some of these items since May >.<

 Only one person ever got back to me about 2 months later to get one of the Chibi Cthulhu's but these guys all seem to have been abandoned.  Which upsets me, I love making them, and I love the reactions when the people actually get them even more. 

I am giving notice and at the end of the day (6 or7 central time) they will be up for sale to whom ever wants to give one of these critters a new home.

Pictured here left to right:  White Llama, Chibi Pink Luvulhu (a love cthulhu), Blue octo, Chibi Green Cthulhu, and a Turkish Van Kittie Kat with a white bow/collar.    All but the llama are sporting plastic safty eyes that are child safe, the llama has black felt eyes, felted on which are also child safe.

I am asking $10+$5S&H (Inside the continent of US) or if you are over seas or in Hawaii or Alaska the S&H will very as it cost more in postage I would have to get it calculated for anyone who requests a S&H quote outside of the 48 land locked states (S&H covers the cost of the postage and the packaging)    If your local (STL) and willing to meet to pick the item up S&H is waived!

Oh I am also making bento box straps for AnimEggRoll you can see my first trail one in the picture  above for now they are just a simple yellow ribbon strap with a velcro clasp.   My trail one has worked well so far so I am going to make a few more to take over to the store with all the abandoned critters.  Do not worry if someone wants one of these tiny lovable creatures I can always pick it up from the store for you if it hasn't sold.  If your a St Louis Missouri local you can always swing by the shop and check out these guys in person!

A little about the safety eyes I use.  They are plastic and have a 'shanked stem' on the 'eye' so when the 'washer' or the backing is attached to it from the inside of the toy it secures the eye in place.  Once the washer is attached to the shank it can not be removed with out a lot of force or a tool being used.  Short of cutting the shank with wire cutters or cutting up the toy itself the eyes should never fall out.  I always double and triple check before stuffing that the eyes are properly secured.

*UPDATE*  Both Cthulhu's have found new forever homes!!

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