Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crochet felt doggy beds

Well as the title states, I am working on making two felt dog beds.  But since they are for the dogs I didn't want to have knotted fringe in case one of them *Chloe* decides to eat yet an other dog bed.  So I went and picked out some felt just so happens to match the same felt my sister made a throw cover out of as a Christmas gift a few years back.  Top side is a menagerie of dog breeds  while the bottom is black with white paw prints, I cut the 'fringe' shorter then you would for knot's and just folded over each fringe and put a small slit threw it to use as the loops for crocheting.  I just crochet a top to a bottom then working counter clockwise crochet back into a top then bottom and repeated till there was only one friend left, I cut that one in two and slid one half into the first loop hole and the other into the last and knotted it off.  It was hard making it becauce the only space big enough is the living room floor and the dogs think if your on the floor you want to play with them.  I hope they enjoy these beds.  Oh also it's just stuffed with two cheap $2.50 pillows, I made a small slit on the bottom going short ways to tuck them in sort of like an old school pillow case.

I used 1 yard of the doggie print and 1 yard of the paw print and 4 pillows to make two dog beds.... while technically only one is finished but the other will be done soon.  And if you want to do the crochet edges but dont have a hook just make the hole's a big wider and use your fingers to pull each fringe threw the others.

I like how these came out so much that I think I might try to make couch pillows out of felt with this crochet edging!!

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