Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ta-done! Water Dragon

Instead of horns that I normally do on other dragons I opted to do seaweed tendrils.  I also added smaller patches of seaweed to the arms as you can see in the back image, but I wound up removing them they where not fuzzing up and looking light and airy like the sections on the head.  Due to it being a water dragon I went with making a longer finned tail and no hind legs.

I did an indoor shoot today because I realize the last few blue items I photographed out on my bench just got sapped of color by the silvering wood and I wanted the colors to show clearly.

Yes, there are no wings.  I thought about it in a practical manner and if it was swimming in the water the wings would cause to much drag and wouldn't be practical. Also it might make it too busy looking with all the details


  1. I love it! What a wonderful idea :)

    1. LOL, thanks I guess you didnt noticed the finished one before you posted on the WIP?