Monday, June 30, 2014

Inspired Granny Square scarf-Commmision

I was asked if I could make a scarf like this one worn by Ann Rowley.

Her scarf will be the inspiration for the one I am about to start.  I am excited about getting into it and start working it as its a beautiful scarf, so you can keep an eye out for updates on this post for my progress!

Today I am breaking into the yarn and re balling all of it.  I had hopes that I could just pull from the center but after trying 3 balls and having all 3 give yarn vomit, I will be exercising my ball winder alot today.


I have roughly 2/3 of the first block made, I need to make 2 more mediums and 2 more smalls to finish off this block.  Its hard not to over lap and have a ton of one color keep cropping up on me.  I was trying not to repeat color changes and I still did -.- so I will need to keep an eye on that.


I finished the first block last night.  Now its up to me to make 3 more with out any color repeats with the selection of colors I was sent.

Colors I am working with are- White, Black, Tan, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Green.

Its 14x14 inches, if blocked after washing it could be 16 inchs wide.  I will have to wait to hear from the person who asked me to make this to decide if they want to wash it as the mail system is a dirty place and I often encurage washing an item before useing it if its been mailed.  If they wash it it would 'reset' the fibers and any blocking I may have done will be undone so it may be better to let them wash and block.

Now to stop procrastinating and to start on the second block~~~

Technically I am joining as I work so its more like start adding on to this block, but it helps for me to break them up into sections when thinking about the over all pattern of this scarf.


After the holiday weekend here I have jumped back into the swing of this scarf.  I am finding it diffcult to make sure I am not doing sever color repeats with the 12 colors I was given, I have worked up a excel sheet to try and make sure I am keeping it balanced.

It was so overcast out today so the colors look more muted then they actually are.  I am finding I am more in love with some of the color combinations then others so I have to keep an  eye out so I don't keep clumping them together in squares. I caught myself  doing the same back to back color changes for a 4th time and had to frog a bit to fix it.  Its getting hard not to havve two joining rounds wind up with the same ending color but I think I am managing it, with the exception of kitty-corner touching squares.

Its almost as long as my bench now!

Its 42 inches long now, and I think I have worked out any color issues and repeats from happening.

I got a bit of sun in the photo.

Blocking will even out the edges, but that will have to wait, I badly want to edge this but I think it would take something away from it. Especially when it hits the edge of a same color join of one of the squares but it will be up to the recipient and if there is enough yarn left after I finish it.

I think I have enough to squeeze in 2 more blocks (1 big, 3 med, 4 small) which will leave it at 70 inches long (unblocked).


No photo update today as its stormy out.  I am nearly finished though, just 3 small blocks, 2 medium blocks and one large block left to do!!


Finally all finished!!

I will go over it with my darning needle one more time to make sure I got all the tails.  Then sweep it with the pet hair removal brush to try and catch any kitty fuz that may have been attracted to it because its yarn, and thats what yarn does.

After all of that I need to find the best way to ship it that wont cost an arm and a leg from the US to England.

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