Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Newest Chibi Dragon to join the bunch...

Meet Kisses.  She is chocolate brown, and silver with light purple eyes.

The colors just made me think of Hershey's kisses so thats where she got her name.   
I have decided to hold off on working on puting together a pattern till after the convention I am going to sell at so I have more time to work on things to sell.

This does not mean I wont start on it, but dont expect it soon.

Any suggestions for color combos anyone would like to see the pattern dragon worked up in?  Think of what will photograph well, so white and black are both out the window.  I was thinking of digging threw my stash to see what I have, I know I have left over colors from my rainbow granny that are more then enough to make a dragon, and many diffrent shades of those colors.

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