Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birthday Gifrt from my Hubby finaly came in!

 I finaly got my birthday gift from Wayne in, he gave me a gift card to Knit Picks and I bought some of the items that have been sitting in my 'wish list'.

I got their Turkish spindle, I am slightly disappointed by it, the whorl and bead are both solid wood but the spindle feels like some sort of compressed faux wood that reminds me of those cheap chopsticks.  It was probably done for the weight balancing I will just have to wait till I use it to see how it works, its heavier then the spindle I made out of chopsticks.          
That is 100g Sapphire Heather Wool of the Andy's Roving under the spindle.  I cant wait to get my hands into it, but I want to work on my drafting some more so I dont ruin this beautifully soft wool.

As for this lot of yarn, from top left to bottom right:
Cobblestone Heather (also in the3rd row 3rd ball)
Celestial (also in the 3rd row 4th ball)
Solstice Heather
Lady Slipper
Asphalt Heather
Indigo Healther Tweed
Wellies Heather Tweed

I didnt realize that the two Tweeds where only 50g balls.  They are very small -.-  I had planned on making the Dirk the Dragon Pattern I also got for my birthday in the Indigo but I know there is not enough to even complete the body so I will have to come up with something else.   The other colors will be going into the other pattern I got for my birthday the African Flower Hippo, I plan on cobblestone being my joining round color, outside of that I am not sure which of these other colors I will use, or if I will pull from my stash and save these for something else.

BUT making things for myself will be put on a back burnner because the yarn for a commissioned mixed granny square scarf has come in and I should work on it first. 

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