Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sealife Pattern now in PDF Download!

I have had a bit of down time durning the convention this year and I am using it to work on getting PDF version of the more popular patterns I have  up on my site.

By far my Sealife Critters gets the most views per day so I though I would get it up first.
Sealife Critters <~~~~<< download the PDF and let me know what you think!


  1. Thank you SO much for creating this wonderful pdf for us all Sara :)
    I really love making amigurumi of sea creatures, so having so many patterns all on the one pdf is a dream :)

    1. Thanks Katy, it was the easiest one to literally slap together. I may update the pdf in the futur to look less slap dash, these where just when sorted by views the most viewed patterns so I knew I could get them out fast so they moved to the top of the line. Now I am just sorting threw my note books so I can get a 'Mythical Creatures Amigurumi' (donation with unpublished Cthulhu and Dragon patterns) out, and a 'Animal-gurumi' (free pdf with all my 'normal' animals)