Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Its finaly finished!!

 So here is the finished purse!

After taking all the photos I realized I probably should have picked a more colorful place to photograph it since my bench is a nice faded silver and the purse, strap and lining, is shades of silver, lavender, and grays.

I opted out of doing a crochet strap for this purse as they did to much stretching and I always wind up having to limit the weight I carry.  I hand stitched in  the lining and strap.

The purse was very simple to make, I used Red Heart 1 skein in Dove, and Red Heart Romantic Lace in Silver.  Its all worked in the round, with HDC's, and FPDC to add some texture to the top.

I have almost half the lace left, but only a small bit of the yarn so one of each is more then enough to finish a purse.  I staggered the lace rows after the 3rd round I only worked the lace ever other row. 

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