Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Drasticly over estimated the size this would turn out to be.   Also the reason I have not been posting as much, this is serously sucking up all my time.

I love how its turning out, but its now almost 5 feet wide.   When I started, I had planned for it to be about 7ft finished; now I have no idea how big its going to get.   I have a new respect for everyone who does large scale tunisian work.  

Even though I am only working with 2 colors, I have 5 balls connected to the piece so I dont have to carry the yarn across colors (the red showed through).  I have learned the trick to not tangling the yarn with color changes, which also prevents a gap in the color change.  As I am working the last stitch before the color change I cross the colors then work the stitch, then cross the yarn back.  It locks the color change together preventing the gap I have seen in other peoples tunisian color changes.              

I am still debating on which end of forward pass increase at the end I like.  Since its a jagged edge I cant just do a normal increase I have to add stitches at the end, so I am working it like a foundation crochet which requires a second hook so I am not adding a 6th ball just to add a chain 2 at the end.  I think once I get up to where the wings are I will just make an additional chain separately as it will be much longer then the 2 stitches I am currently making every other row.

Now I need to stop procrastinating and get back to tackling this monster I only have  32 more days to finish it -.- and I am not even half way done.


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