Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Poyo inspired catgurumi

Here is a project I have been wanting to make for some time.  Its inspired by a Anime shorts called Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki which is the cutest cat that is basically a sphere and consistently mistaken for other round objects like sweet bun's, melons, or pillows.  I figured I would make it just like I did my Unicorns and I really like how it came out!  Not sure if I want to keep him or sell him so I can buy more eyes and make more of him.

I did the tail differently then I have done tails in the past, and I think I really like this new way but its a bit more complex, it involves making several loops on the hook and pulling your hook out of them and crocheting from the end with out loosing the other loops.  It makes it more like a rope that has flexibility then a stiff cylinder worked in the round.

I didn't really write down a pattern when I made him but if anyone has an intrest in making one I can write it down the next time I make an other.


  1. Your Catgurumi is adorable! :)

    And, yes please, I'd love a pattern for him, as he'd make an great present to my daughter :)

    I love the Ood, too :)

  2. Pretty please! That is an Fantastic cat (and a fantastic show)!

    1. Sorry for the delay but the Catgurumi pattern is now up