Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sneak Peak of MBG work aka Image Heavy post

Ok so here is the sneak peek at what I will be taking over to Missouri Botanical Garden for the Japanese Festival that is happening Aug 31-Sept 2.  My hubby plans on taking me up on  one of the day because we have know about it the last 2 years but never actully made it up for the festival and this just makes me even more excided.

I tried my best to group them by color, but the bunbuns where not having it so most of them got solo shots. 


So much crochet -.- in so little time.  I just hope they all find homes with people who love them as much as I loved making them.  I also wish I had a better way to take photos I have been using my phone and it tends to bleed out the colors =(


  1. Absolutely amazing work - they must look awesome all together :)

    I adore the baby unicorns, and the Ood are brilliant, but I must confess that the bunny with the bent ear stole my heart :)

    1. LOL Those are not Ood but Cthulhus, I am actually going to make an Ood today because one of the Gift shop personnel at MBG wanted to know if I could make one. I have been promising a few other people that I would so your comment pin's me to doing one today!

      That particular bunnie is one of my favorites in natural light his yarn has a glimmer to it that you cant see with florescent lighting. The kicker is I did not bend his ear it just keep drooping when I set him up for pictures.

      I have group shots here http://fav.me/d6izita and here http://fav.me/d6izh44