Friday, August 26, 2016


24 oz bottle with less then 20 yards of yarn.

When I got to the strap I decided to do it as double V's by (Dc2 , ch 1, Dc 2) into the same stitch, then turn the work, slst to the chain and repeat!

It makes little O shapes and has a great feel, nice and stable.  I like how stretchy the mesh is so I know it will fit almost any water bottle I have.

I like it enough that I might want to make a few more if its maiden voyage goes well.  That way when it soaks up all the sweat on the bottle and I hang it out to dry I have a dry one to use.

I know its a small thing but its the first thing I have made solely for myself in a long time, as well as the first none BLSV that I have worked on in a while.

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