Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fringe and other things

 So this is the Neon bright RHSS I was using to try and do an argyle color pooling.  I think the color changes are just to long to get the look I wanted with out making a queen sized blanket.  Not to say you cant get the argyle, I just wanted solid colored, but you can easily make a smaller scarf with multi colored argyle that's heavy on the black.
That being said I did still get a neat color pooling that I liked.  Little zig zag groupings of colors.  I decided to turn it into a cowl, with some fringe which meant Dayton would be front and center making sure each strand was placed just right and if she didnt like it she would attack.
I am still debating on if I want to try and do a bit of knot work with the fringe or leave it as is.

Last, I finished off the bit of gold and scarlet silk/wool blend roving I have had on my Ladybug for a while now.  I find the spinning to be very relaxing for me once I get into the grove of it all.  I was hoping to get enough out of it to weave a scarf but that did not happen, so I am still not sure what I will make with this very soft fingerling weight single.

Still trying to get myself into a creative mood to 'dive' into christmas/birthday gift  making I have a few things on my list but not nearly enough.  I know I want to do some more fingerless mitts but I don't want to do the same ones I did last year so I would need to work up a new stitch pattern.  I have a throw I have been pecking at in filet crochet that is working up a bit narrower then planned so I have to think of a good way to edge it.

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